Neurofunk My Life k?

Antibreak - Prepare for Flight

Half speed neurofunk.

^^     Nice. I like it.   Of course, more minimal, microfunk-ish from back when. Checking other Antibreak tunes from your recommendation, thanks.  

"A Block Turned to Rubble", diggin the trancey synths in the later part. 


1985 Music.  

LOVE.    Xyxthumbs Icon_yippee

"1985 Music - Various Artists, Vol. 1 compilation", December 2017


Eprom - "Drone Warfare" e.p., 1985 Music - November 2017


There's some crazy ideas going on here.

these 2 land it for me from the e.p.  

for real.  "Blurred"...  wow. "Short Stop", neurogeeky as hell.  Doing the biznez. 



Icicle's first December 2017 release for his own Entropy Music imprint.  

YES.  ".. watch this space.."  Very much so.    Yes


Emperor rocks da bass bins, no doubt.  Love the kicks. 

The Neosignal "Shadow" e.p....  great.  


^^ that Upbeats, Emperor remix... hotness. Emperor's atmos contrasts to the tough sounds. Very intricate.

The neurogeek within approves. For sure. Smile

Royalston - "Popular Mechanics" lp, Med School Music, November 2017

OUTSTANDING moments throughout the lp.   Lovesmilie

Brilliance noted.

[Image: a0245235946_10.jpg]

Buzz - Bring It Back (trust music)

Cycom - Misgiving (Lightless)

Polar - Optifunk

Dissident - Oneroid Psychosis

Subhuman & Bse - Eggplant (2005)

And Bse had an amazing neurotech lp on the Doa dubs page in 2008 iirc.

^^ Cool.   I haven't checked out BSE since from years back. 

Hybris "Cabin Pressure" from the "Say Hello to the Future" e.p.. great tune.  Nice release all around.  


[Image: a1789668402_10.jpg]

nice to see what they're doing now. for sure. Smile
antibreak-wise, the covert operations stuff I had on dub for a while once obtaining the full art vinyl copies of cov ops vol 4 are great trance stuff. very dance brewing. it wasn't what I expected back then but in retrospect vol 4 specifically was years ahead of its era.

try and find out cryo (not cryogenics) if you can. "she" is on youtube. very neuro melodic.

Hybris - "Extraction" e.p, 2016

freaky electronics. 


the reason I'm just naming stuff is if you find anything (as thread op) to post that you like it's a more well organised neuronerdical garden. Teef

yeah I get upbeats. werewolf, bullet time remix, oiled up (classique!), black flea. same as I get state of mind. "insecticide" from 2004 is absolutely badass. 'bassline, the rock, the shock'. :nerd:

oh yeh, for all the technmospeherics stuff from 2007 or so in a roundup, soundsurfer of Germany crew did a great 1h plus mix for my blog called 'science friction'. duder has mixes on

asc did one with my mix series the year earlier, 2006-2008 timeframe anyway, when the post-jungle sound was reaching critical mass, like many thought it had properly done 10 years earlier in 98.
any files just ask.

"techmospherics" (nice one Smile )...  "neuronerdical"  

neurogeekdom has its own (internal) lexicon for sure.  heh.   It has been full on, winter cold as hell this past Xmas weekend.. - 33 windchill last nite.   

In the bunker, neuro has been my respite this past week.

Hybris...  dang.


My fave from the new Current Value "Deadly Toys" lp btw.  

I want the walls to obliterate, they haven't yet. Need bigger speakers.  

^^ most delicate atmos flourishes lacing the terror within.  So good. Smile

that machine gun bass effect. 

I'm down. 


as ever, quality diversity and funktionality.    Cool    Thank you sir Perez.

Liking vibes from Spline.



New Audeka "Engine Block" e.p. 

disjointed, broken. diggin it. 


Critical Music...   Synth Ethics "Cloudbreak", beautiful tune. 

"Systems 011 - Was A Be & Synth Ethics", February 2018


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