Neurofunk My Life k?

Of course, good time to catch up on the previous, 2014 Mefjus "Emulation" lp via Critical Music. 

head down. 

gritty synthphonics.  

stompin bits.   




Billain, clearly challenging listeners.  

I'm down.     Evilgrinblack

00:01 Billain - ID  
05:12 Bad Company - Ladies Of Spain (Billain Remix)  
05:58 Billain & Vorso - ID  
06:54 Opsen & Primal Therapy - Paradox (Billain Remix)  
08:10 ID - ID
08:55 Signal - These Eyes  
09:39 Billain & Kodin - Feed For Speed [EATBRAIN]  
w/ ABIS - If U  
11:07 Synergy - ID [EATBRAIN]  
11:57 Billain & Kursa - ID  
13:00 Billain - ID  
14:06 Noisia - Tentacles (Billain Bootleg) [VISION]  
14:50 ID - ID
15:34 Rawtekk - Amber's Love Was Like A Marble (Billain Remix) [MED SCHOOL (HOSPITAL)]
16:40 Bad Company - Oxygen (Prolix Remix) [BC RECORDINGS]  
17:46 ID - ID
19:54 Billain? - ID  
21:25 Billain - ID  
22:55 Synergy - ID [EATBRAIN]  
23:39 ID - ID
24:12 June Miller & Mefjus - Saus [RAM]  
25:07 Noisia - Get Deaded [VISION]  
29:00 Aethek - Travelling Stone

Liking the majority of the NEW Signal "Doom Desire" e.p via Shogun Audio.

Trancey vocal tune in effect. "How Will I Know".. feelin it. 


Signal - Doom Desire
Signal, Disprove & Fre4nc - Lost Victory
Signal- How Will I know
Signal - Misery
Signal & DLR - Dangerous Humans [Beatport Exclusive]

Of course I'm down. Icon_yippee

New 1985 Music, Various Artists "Folio/1" e.p, May 2018


Perez, Halogenix, "Rollcage"... beautiful. 

Monty, Hyroglifics & Benabu on "The Glow" vocal collab. Infectious, FUNK, dub bliss. 

SubMarine "Malibu 1973", ominous grit.  Fitting really.

[Image: a0505901520_10.jpg]

murder dem  


New Strategy "Lanterns"  e.p. via Exit, April 2018

[Image: a1835228057_10.jpg]

At this point in this thread, I've basically gotten a Critical Music logo tattooed on the inside of my bottom lip by now.  Twothumbs

New Emperor. I generally shy away from the mc'd tunes - not out of disdain per se,  if only for the generic neuro quotient over the decades, but "Bloodsport" is rather stompin.  I will agree. 

"Half Makes Whole" .. deep.

[Image: Bloodsport-800x800.jpg]


"Deep News" e.p, June 2018

thank you.



this is rather rockin!  Flex Out.. dope. Yes

Fuj (Japan / NL) .. dark biznez, collabs with Amoss & Survey as well.

[Image: a1101015217_10.jpg]

Muffler - Embrace (SPL remix) 

For me the greatest neurofunk track ever made. Soulless wobwob fests pale in comparison.

Thinktank - Skyscraper

For me the greatest techstep track ever made.

Listening to ONYX007 on Bandcamp.

Review: ultimately requires laser focus. Preferrably in dark lit rooms. Or with no distractions. "Ajar" REALLY reminds me of Optical and Dissident. BAD.

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