RELEASE Various Artists (Friends Of Foci's Left) - SlipStreamDreams

Various Artists (Friends Of Foci's Left) - SlipStreamDreams
by VA (Various Artists: FL; K3Bee; Shiva; FRight; Dredge; Naphta; RST; Keiretsu)

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Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

£5 GBP

Limited Edition MP3 Disc (20 copies happy to be hand-pressed and labelled individually with inserts. Also includes bonus outtakes from huge mix catalogue by Muttley, Foci's Left producer. Each unique copy has a unique bonus mix featuring a track or more on this comp!!

The disc is not a vinyl, but I like to think of it as such, because it is a collection of long form recordings. It will work on hifis with MP3 function.
The download only includes the 16 tracks, the unique MP3 disc includes one exclusive mix per customer.

Includes unlimited streaming of Various Artists (Friends Of Foci's Left) - SlipStreamDreams via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
shipping out on or around October 5, 2016
edition of 50

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FL - Fragile Circumstance (Statto Stereoized Dedication) 09:30

K3Bee - 2nd 06:14

Shiva Lab Creation - Gene Thief 06:24

FRight - Ray 18:09

Dredge - Foci's Waltz 08:56

FL - Softie's Tear 07:31

K3Bee - Imprint 05:56

Naphta - Are U Ready? 07:12

Robert Scott Thompson (RST Aucourant) - Telemetry 05:28

Robert Scott Thompson - Telemetry (Dredge In Bits Remix) 13:27

FL - Dutty AKA Nutty Breaks 14:39

K3Bee - Matter 06:12

Naphta - Home 07:19

K3Bee - Meringue 04:57

Keiretsu - Addict 05:51

Keiretsu - Only Forward 07:11

B2N - Feel Good 06.48

Eschaton - Jati 05:10

[*] about
A celebration of sounds themed on the nineties, but not made in the nineties. Jungle, breakbeat, ambient, weird, library music, all in a sound collage textured in a nature that slipstreams moods into one another.

Hence, the name, "SlipStreamDreams".

Slipstreams are stealing of speed in a car journey, where the elements are in force to act against us.

Slipstreams can be quite awkward problems with malfunctioning intent.

Slipstreams can be depressions or decompressions of the mind.

Slipstreams can be resonances that seem impersonally illogical.

[*] credits
released October 5, 2016

"2nd", "Imprint", "Matter" and "Meringue" produced by Kevin Beegan, AKA K3Bee. Find some of his dubplates at

"Gene Thief" produced by James Alexandre Pathan, AKA Shiva Lab Creation. James runs, where you'll find some of his tunes and others released. Reach him on FaceBook or Twitter.

"Are U Ready?" and "Home" produced by Shane 'O Shea, AKA Naphta. Naphta contributes to 'shwontological' blog - take a look. These two tracks are re-released from his digital download album on THE Fear Recordings, in 2007.

"Telemetry (Original)" by Robert Scott Thompson, AKA RST of Aucourant Records A&R. Robert has a Bandcamp page with over 60 albums released, some on labels such as Relaxed Machinery. Check "Arcana" for a good example.

"Addict" and "Only Forward" produced by Keiretsu. Thanks to Stephen Mercer from Keiretsu for entrusting me with these on the release. Originally released on D:ART Recordings in the 2000s. About 2006.

All other work (artwork, compilation ordering, trimming, Artillery Software mastering) by Michael Robert Buckingham, AKA FL, FRight, Dredge, owner of Foci's Left label and operator of

[*] tags
tags: classical dredge fl k3bee keiretsu naphta rst shiva lab creation chance electroacoustic emotional pianism vocal harmonies Oxford

[*] license
some rights reserved

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Any support massively appreciated. I love you.


Grin Kisskiss

Oh no I forgot Eschaton - "Jati"! ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. It's meant to be before "Dutty".

Never mind, I will add in the master later. It's a equally fantastic track, you can be assured of that.

I will make it a CD exclusive to give some extra incentive for people to buy the CD.

I also wanted to include DJ Trax - Serenity - but that is in a tight contract with another label.

That was released absolutely years ago - actually in the nineties.

The compilation has just been supported by Alessandro Corsini of Enjoy! 

Also to be added is "Feel Good" by B2N.

ordered Wave

(5th October 2016, 22:03)Muttley Wrote: Oh no I forgot Eschaton - "Jati"! ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. It's meant to be before "Dutty".

I will make it a CD exclusive to give some extra incentive for people to buy the CD.

First of all :Spank for that, especially as I'm releasing an LP of yours soon, maybe I'll forget to release it Icon_razz

Secondly, I'm not sure that my track will be that much of an incentive for people to buy the CD Hahaha Oops

Kisskiss Wave

What can I say but sorry :Oops Wink

Of course people will want to buy the CD - we got Statto investing now!

I am currently upping the Artillerized version of B2N - Feel Good to the playlist. Then, when I return home, I will add in "Jati". Because it's not in my Dropbox. It's on my Advent Monza computer.

You should be able to edit the release on bandcamp and add another track okay Smile

All 18 tracks included on Bandcamp now. Smile
Sorry all! What a plonker. Lol.

initial post amended accordingly



Glad you approve Christopher.

I am currently burning 2 MP3 CDs, then 2 extra. One for Jon, One for Rapture Witney, One for my parents, One for me.

If you just want a CD upon ordering or contacting me that's without embossed labels, just lemme know. These soldering style sticky print techniques of getting the CD labels to sit just right once peeled can offer up a lot of dud (wasted) discs. Anyone who has access to a inkjet printer can print Avery paper off with the Bandcamp artwork.

OK Jon, your master disc is pressed since 7PM the following morning, I also have 3 other copies pressed, and instead of pressing on the actual discs where there is a retroized writing and doodling, I am printing the disc pattern art on the soft slipcases these CDs come makes much more sense. Expect delivery to your home next week, as it is almost Friday and I might not catch the Friday post, it depends on schedule.


can I have mp3s of the two tracks that weren't up when I bought this? Wave

Of course Smile I'll send them to you when at my computer. Alternatively...

Or did you know in your Bandcamp collection page u can dl releases when and after any amendments?

Just click 'download' in the release box. Smile

All the MP3s (18) or on the disc for your listening pleasure. Mutley-ani1

Feel Good sounds really ASC and Voyager, while Jati sounds really Global Communication.

(7th October 2016, 17:27)Muttley Wrote: Or did you know in your Bandcamp collection page u can dl releases when and after any amendments?

Just click 'download' in the release box. Smile

I did not know that No

and I did not have a collection page No – but now I do Yes

and I have followed your instructions Xyxthumbs

I am glad I could be of some help to you. Hugs

Keiretsu remind me of 90s band The Stone Roses and Spiritualized.

Your CD has been finished up today Statts (sticky labelled, sealed etc) and will be packaged up in a mailer to send to the post office tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying the disc digitally on your system.

I received email interest in the "record/vinyl" idea of misunderstanding that I was only pressing a form of CD today, Franco saying he would only buy vinyl. Smile

That's nice.

I also distributed the second pressing to Rapture Witney record shop today, and they have happily taken that copy off my hands.

Statto, CD posted 1st Class before 230pm today; should get to your address tomorrow. Wave



Arrived yet? Cool

not today, no

UK post ffs.


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