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Electronic Body Music

Matt Fanale aka. Daddybear (also Caustic, Klack, etc) - Madison, Wisconsin

"EBDSM" e.p, June 2020

Caustic, "The King of EBM", May 2020

01. Le Car - 00:00
02. With Precision - 04:38
03. Lost Without You - 08:13
04. Flowers For Ravers - 12:26
05. The Revolution Will Be Synthesized - 17:11
06. Time v1.1 - 22:16

Khurch - London, UK

Virtual Terrorist - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Technoize" lp, June 2020

Virtual Terrorist - Cyber Punks Unite lp - 2012

00:00 Welcome To Cryodyne (HACKED)
01:09 Audio Jihad (Album Version)
07:16 DeAth 5ector
11:55 Scrap Metal Suicide
18:06 Brothers Of Destruktion (feat Xero)
25:30 Sickness
26:53 Secz Interface
32:15 Programmed To Kill
35:43 The Gridwalkers (feat Psykkle)
39:49 The Reavers
43:36 Numb
47:06 Damned(Nation)
59:42 Lux Aeterna (cover)
01:05:55 Low Bit Terror (feat Lucidstatic)

Virtual Terrorist - Agent Architect lp - 2017

00:00 Exploitation
02:35 Anti Virus
07:33 Escape
12:19 CrashRestart
18:40 Adversary
22:23 System Punish
25:44 Neon City

Bestial Mouths - Berlin, Germany


Bestial Mouths are some good ish.  ^^ Killer Randolph & Mortimer remix above as well!

The Joy Thieves - Chicago, IL

"Genocide Love Song" e.p, May 2020

..Our 3rd installment of In The Mix comes all the way from Brussels,
Belgium; the pioneers of industrial/techno known as Front 242. Due to
the Great Pandemic of 2020, everyone's planned world tour has come to a
halt. Presented here is a unique time-traveller mix running over 2 hours
long. These tracks were prepared by Richard 23 for the band's audience
prior to showtime including classic electronic music (pre-dating Front
242), tracks that have influenced the band & "calm before the storm"
selections which would lead into 242's high energy stage attack.

Prior to listening, Richard explains the importance of independent
record stores, early purchases that had an affect on him and how these
shops were integral to the band itself. An insightful and deeply
personal tribute to our culture which we are highly thankful for..

You can't clown on Front 242 for wearing sunglasses on stage. They've only been doing it forever really. heh.

I heard "Neurobashing" on the radio this past weekend. I originally fully dissected the "Tyrrany (For You)" 1991 lp when it was first released via nights of severe weed ingestion. An album that felt like hours of listening once you were in smoked deep lol. A complete album listen, ebbs, flows, beginning, and an end. A lesson in digital psychedelia for sure. Still one of my faves from said 242 era. Ebm / industrial bands at the time will admit to their sampling works to be extremely rudimentary. Front 242 definitely, progressively showed out on the sampling evolution tricks back then.

FRONT 242 - LIVE IN NAMUR 7.3.20 1st concert of the "Black To Square One 2020 Tour"

Track list:

02.First In First Out
03.Take One
04.Don't Crach
05.Funkahdafi - song not recorded((( track!!!
07.Quite Unusual
08.Soul Manager
09.Red Team track!!! (R23)
11.Operating Tracks
12.U-Men track!!! (R23)
17.Until Death
18.Welcome To Paradise

FRONT 242 Catch The Men full DVD concert - 2005

01. Happiness
02. Body to body
03. Religion
04. Together
05. In rhythmus bleiben
06. Crapage
07. Animal
08. First in first out
09. Moldavia
10. Melt
11. Headhunter
12. Welcome to paradise
13. Punish your machine

I just texted my brother to watch this, July 2020, Strict Tempo live Statiqbloom stream as well.

Statiqbloom. ALL DAY. Killer, dubby techno, atmos bits within "Restless". So good. 2020 year highlight for sure.

Forthcoming live stream also for Los Angeles, CA / Vancouver, BC's, CVLT Nation planned for this week, August 14, 2020

May 2020, Mark Pistel (Consolidated, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, MC 900 Foot Jesus, etc,) interview.

The Young Gods, "Kissing the Sun", Mark Pistel ambient mix, 1995.

Various Mark Pistel bandcamp joints linked as well.

Various Artists, "A Message To The People: A Tribute To CONSOLIDATED!" covers compilation.

Sonic Beat Lab aka. Darryl Hell and DJ Zvetschka, "A Message to the People", accompanying Consolidated Tribute Video Mixtape

Consolidated & Meat Beat gracing mutual remixes, 1994 / 1992. Also Jack Dangers interview, and rare Meat Beat performance with Consolidated circa 1991. Props to Thermal Detonator TV youtube channel for the upload!


Deeper dive via Grotus (San Francisco, CA), who had releases via Alternative Tentacles, Spirit Music Industries, and such.

Grotus / Consolidated remixes, "Brown Club Product" 12" from 1991.

Grotus / Consolidated - Brown Club Product 12" - 1991


A1: 00:00 Brown (Mindless Mix)
A2: 6:47 Brown (Mindless Mix 2-Instrumental)
B1: 13:37 Pharmaceutical (Extended Club Mix)
B2: 19:08 Las Vegas Power Grid
B3: 21:55 Full Metal Grotus

Grotus - Slow Motion Apocalypse lp - 1993


1 Up Rose The Mountain 3:54
2 Good Evening 1:08 Written-By – L. Fox*
3 The Same Old Sauce 2:09
4 Hourglass 3:44
5 Shivayanama 4:41
6 Complications 3:55
7 Kali Yuga 3:23
8 Clean 4:41
9 Sleepwalking 6:05
10 Medicine 3:07
11.1 Slow Motion Apocalypse 3:55 Written-By – Tanner*
11.2 Brown (Remix) 6:04

Grotus (The Abyss) Houston Texas 3-20-93


1:24 Intro
3:53 Luddite
8:50 Interlude
10:50 Marginal
14:16 The Same Old Sauce
16:30 Medicine
19:41 New York Strip
25:27 Up Rose The Mountain
29:32 Shivayanama
34:01 Brown
40:01 Sleepwalking
45:11 Rust
48:36 Kali Yuga

1. Demagogue 12:56
2. Light Bringer 04:43
3. Burn Down The Heavens 06:30
4. Liberator 10:30
5. Shapeshifter 09:16
6. Mutagen 09:13
7. Chaos Trigger 07:54
8. Leviathan 09:31

Heimstatt Yipotash - Dresden, Germany

"Brinkmanship" lp, July 2020

March 2020, quarantine chat with cEvin Key & Mark Spybey.

..a second chat with Mark Spybey about Zoviet France , Download, DVOA , Beehatch and more.

Facts learned just now:

Cevin Key & Marilyn Manson are neighbors in Los Angeles. They met at a Thrill Kill Kult gig years back, but they've never seen each other, nor communicated as neighbours. lol.

There's a part 1 available on patreon.

Ken Marshall has been doing a very thorough youtube channel, often dissecting his production and elements of his recording history over the decades, with Skinny Puppy, ohGr solo stuff, Front Line Assembly, soundtrack works, remixes.. you name it. I'm sure there's more to come.

For any ebm, industrial thread geek that might lurk, for sure:

..12 songs recorded live to air and broadcast on Facebook in May 2020 as part of the isolation series. Most of the set is comprised of songs by Beehatch, the partnership Spybey had with his Download bandmate, the late and sadly missed Phil Western. The album also contains a version of Base Metal by Download and the Dead Voices on Air song Sulphur from Piss Frond, (which was a collaboration with Abintra: Darryl Neudorf and Sugarpill). The album ends with a track by Gnome (Tony D'Oporto) and Spybey. Disarming songs for quiet times..

released June 5, 2020

Nice to hear the new KONKURS aka. Sarin & Blush Response, lp.

"Terminal Stage" lp, August 2020


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