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Electronic Body Music


01. Morgue - Suffering [New Will Productions, 1994]
02. Wumpscut - Slovakian Hell [Beton Kopf Media, 2000]
03. Pablo Bozzi - Efficient Accident [forthcoming BITE, 2020]
04. Phase Fatale - Binding by Oath [Ostgut Ton, 2020]
05. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - … And This is What the Devil Does [Wax Trax!, 1988]
06. Forthcoming on X-IMG
07. Chu Ishikawa - Double I [Sony Music Japan, 2010]
08. Morgue Mechanism - Nature’s Freak [Cri Du Chat Disques, 1997]
09. Forma Tadre - The Lighthouse Incident [Off Beat, 1997]
10. Forthcoming on X-IMG & Megastructure
11. Unconscious - Umathum [X-IMG, 2020]
12. KMFDM - Itchy Bitchy [Z-Records, 1987]
13. Plastic Noise Experience - Visage De Plastique [KK Records, 1993]
14. Psychic TV - Joy [Joy-Orgasm-Youth-Mix] [Invisible, 1999]
15. Kode IV - Dissolve [KK Records, 1994]
16. Genital A-Tech - Suck Hysteria [Off Beat, 1997]
17. You’ve Got Foetus on Your Breath - I Am Surrounded by Incompetence [Self Immolation, 1981]
18. Chu Ishikawa - Megatron [Adisc, 1992]



Special Affect, featuring Groovie Mann & Al Jourgensen

1979 / 1980

nice one!  
Xyxthumbs Yes

Public Image Ltd. - Second Edition (LP)
Sun Ra - Sleeping Beauty (LP)
Scientist - Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires (LP)
Various Artists - Shangaan Electro - New Wave Dance Music From South Africa (LP)
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - The Bridge (LP)
Second Layer - World Of Rubber (LP)
Bourbonese Qualk - Laughing Afternoon (LP)
Portion Control - I Staggered Mentally (LP)
Nocturnal Emissions - Viral Shedding (LP)
The Legendary Pink Dots - Brighter Now (LP)

Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - The Bridge (LP) - 1979

01 Attack Decay
02 Monochrome Day's
03 Day Breaks, Night Heals
04 Connotations
05 Fade Away
06 Interferon
07 Six A.M.
08 The Hard Way In & The Easy Way Out
09 Perpetual

cEvin Key, "Resonance" lp, forthcoming February 2021

Chris Liebing, Truncate, Dubfire, and Drumcell interviewing cEvin Key... crazy right? Puppy, Key discussion starts 18:43 on the "Djs and Beers 39", podcast vid. Cheers.

I heard new, solo Martin Gore joints on the radio yesterday.

I like it.

Plack Blague

we need you in 2021 k?

Blague talks Nebraska desolation, family death metal history, "Book Your Own Fuckin Life" zine, Daft Punk, The Locust, power violence. grindcore, The Prodigy, Rob Halford, Soft Cell, and delving into "the leathery arts" 


New Youth Code dropping early next month. Finally. Collab with King Yosef (Portland, OR)

aspects of "the leathery arts" heh.

I knew ideas were brewing when Limp Wrist released some electronic, ebm-ish tunes on "Facades". Chicago punk, hardcore, 80's acid house & ebm, Wax Trax.. same circles of influence. Martin Sorrondeguy aka. NRRRV always has diversions to share.

Special Interest can get it. Anytime.

"The Passion Of: Remixed", January 2021

Cool piece with Terence Fixmer here.

Final Exposure aka. Joey Beltram, Richie Hawtin, Mundo Musique, "Vortex", 1991

The Emperor Machine, Andrew Weatherhall remix

Charles Manier – Living Youths .. aka. Tadd Mullinix, aka, Sk1 for the Rewind Records junglist references, etc.

also Drexciya, and Divide.

New Thomas Cohen, aka. Sylph, 2021 collab featuring Fixmer via Mute Records.

New FIX8:SED8, "The Inevitable Relapse" lp, January 2021

Left field - afro manna / / / / 

I will never leave.

Alan Vega, posthumous archive release forthcoming April 2021 via Sacred Bones

..Mutator was recorded alongside Vega’s longtime collaborator Liz Lamere at his NYC studio from 1995-1996, and it serves as a document of a particularly fertile time in his creative life. He had 11 full-length solo albums come out during the ‘80s, ’90s and ‘00s — plus numerous collaborations, and Suicide records A Way of Life and Why Be Blue. Mutator wasn’t shelved intentionally, but Vega’s back-to-the-grindstone M.O. meant that he had moved on to making his next record before this one was finished. Lamere and Vega’s friend and confidante Jared Artaud (The Vacant Lots) rediscovered the raw, unmixed recordings from the Mutator sessions in the Vault in 2019. Soon after, they mixed and produced them into the visionary album that was lurking within those tapes. .

Qual, "Tenebris in Lux" lp, March 2021


Hans Zimmer - Mountains
Damien Dubrovnik - Arrow 1
Antony and the Johnsons - Twilight
Cindytalk - My Drift is a Ghost
Cindytalk - Filthy Sun in Diminished Light
Rrose - Beware of Shells
Lydia Lunch - Bloodlust & Oblivion
Blind Delon - Rule 1 / original mix
Ancient Methods / Die Selektion - Der Augenblick Explodiert
Light Asylum - Dark Allies (Choronzon remix)
Kas:st - Nepal
The Marquis / MELANIA remix - Cigarette
Transform Collage - Rubber Explortation
Haus Arafna - He Coloured Me Blind
74185# - Eriotciv
T-error 404 - Artificial Snow / vocal mix
Apoptygma Berzerk - Stitch / restitched by Cronos Titan
Orphx - Cut Through
Eleven Pond - Sitting on Chairs

Hide pick some interesting covers for sure.

Prince, "I Would Die for You" next up.

Hide, "Interior Terror" lp, forthcoming May 2021

Hernán Andrés aka RNXRX - Barcelona, Spain


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