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Electronic Body Music

dj Loser  / Penelope's Fiance (Thessaloniki, Greece)

"Music from the Stavrapouli" split e.p, November 2016

[Image: a3396465980_10.jpg]

nice compilation.

Various Artists - "Tag Und Nacht ll", December 2016


of course.  


Thanks for all these links Torment! You give me loads of stuff to listen to...Hypno

^^ no worries. Smile Always on the look out for new digs!

Digging back through some of this stuff is archaeology for sure, various side projects of past bands' endevors, producers, collaborations, and some stuff I haven't heard in years, or decades in some spots. Its interesting to connect the dots in some cases.  

When thinking back to original / early ebm, from a listener perspective, its important to note that ebm / new beat / etc also became a widely, DJ-ed presented music, equally as meant for the clubs, mixtapes, live mix radio shows, and such. As we know, a lot of more experimental, harder, edgier electronic musics devolve into a more solitary environment, "home listening", or headphone nausea (in a good way). heh. Back in the day, like dance musics in general, hiphop, acid, house, ebm was party music just going into the mix. It all got dropped in the mix. Eclectic. I guess that's a SOCIAL, and fun aspect to the early stuff. And of course, its interesting, and refreshing to see ebm presented in dj sets in the present once again.

Final Cut (Detroit).. of course including pre-Underground Resistence, Jeff Mills in the production credits for the first 1988 / 1989 releases.


If you haven't heard the DUBCON, Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy, etc), Ryan Moore / Twilight Circus Dub Sound System collab..

[Image: a3653479260_10.jpg]


I may have spent this afternoon listening to "Puppy Gristle".  Upsidedown


ALVAR (Sweden) ... very nice. Yes

[Image: a1935405206_10.jpg]

So good.

Ancient Methods - "The First Siren" - Persephonic Sirens 01, January, 2017


Ontario Hospital aka. O/H - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Rich Oddie (Orphx) & Dave Foster (Huren, Teste) collab

[Image: a1909208592_10.jpg]



Huren / Teste, including the 1992 collab with Richie Hawtin.


Huren / HVREN - "Change Room Violations", October 2016

[Image: a2584226171_10.jpg]


Operant - "Zero Knowledge", January 2017

Xyxthumbs Xyxthumbs

[Image: a0026135619_10.jpg]

um.. nsfw k? Nono

Homoagent aka. Triames & Anton Maiof

"Rogue, Undercover", January 2017

[Image: a0517030737_10.jpg]

very good. Smile

Bead - "Corrode", December 2016

[Image: a1852028411_10.jpg]



01. Ontal - Radiation (unreleased)
02. Adam X - Mital Regurgitation (Ancient Methods mix) (Sonic Groove)
03. Ontal - Foray (unreleased)
04. Perc - Porter (Sawf Onestep Rework) (Blank Records)
05. Scarletron - Crash Mat (Touchin' Bass)
06. Ontal - Output (forthcoming Darkfloor Sound)
07. Pan Sonic - Corona (Blast First Petit)
08. Cloaks - Sixmenace One (3by3)
09. Merzbow & Christoph Heemann - Mandala (Streamline)
10. Dadub - Endless (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
11. Greater Than One - Kill The Pedagogue #1 (Brainwashed Recordings)
12. Exocet - Like a viper (Ant-Zen)
13. The Caretaker - Friends Past Re-united (V/Vm Test Records)
14. The Haxan Cloak - The Fall (Aurora Borealis)
15. Vex'd - Remains Of The Day (Planet Mu)
16. Beaumont Hannant - Killing Fields (General Production Recordings (GPR))
17. Emptyset - Armature (Raster-Noton)
18. Techno Animal - Spineless (Pathological Records)


Impulse Controls aka. Ontal & Blush Response collab.




Lui Kruger (Last Delay) aka. Xyphax,  1996 - 1997


Joined At The Head, aka Controlled Bleeding - Wax Trax! Records 1990


Controlled Bleeding - "Penetration" lp, Third Mind Recs / Roadrunner Recs, 1992

Controlled Bleeding - "The Fodder Song" e.p., Wax Trax! Records 1989


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