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Electronic Body Music

Marc Ash - "Ostracism" cassette e.p. March 2017

[Image: a4000097466_10.jpg]

Spit Mask - Houston, Texas

[Image: a2322487801_10.jpg]

very raw, love the sound.

[Image: a3674694528_10.jpg]

Derrick May, X-Press2, LFO, The Hacker,Dubfire (Deep Dish) etc remixing Nitzer Ebb from back when.

There's 2 versions of The Hacker remixes, i prefer the one posted. Smile LFO remix is dope too. Decent efforts either way.


I like Nitzer Ebb in really specific places, though most stuff I'm not too interested in.

As posted elsewhere, Kevin Aviance & UK house producer Superchumbo did an amazing "Join in the Chant" Nitzer Ebb cover in 1998. Great interpretation.



(10th April 2017, 19:47)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Verset Zero - Toulouse, France

[Image: a2674894441_10.jpg]


[Image: blush_response_dronecast.png]

Dronecast 232 - Blush Response, April 2017

Traklisting :

Front 242 - Sacrifice [EPIC]
Doubting Thomas - F682 [WAX TRAX! RECORDS]
Sleep Clinic - Stray Light I - II [TOTAL BLACK]
The Klinik - Time to Choose [ANTLER RECORDS]
Gridlock - Headache [PENDRAGON RECORDS]
Mika Vaino - Cranes [BLAST FIRST PETITE]
Delerium - Of The Tribe [DOSSIER]
Imminent Starvation - Arles [ANT-ZEN]
Nw Frames - Give Us Guidance [HANDS PRODUCTIONS]
Verset Zero - Lux [Blush Response REMIX] [TRIPALIUM RECORDS]
Pain Station - I Think I Want To [COP INTERNATIONAL]

Various Artists - "Heavy Duty Breaks" lp 1984 - Illuminated Records

Side A

A1. unknown artist - Break 1
A2. 400 BLOWS - Pressure
A3. 23 Skidoo - F.U. G.I.
A4. OUT - Tough Enough
A5. unknown artist - Break 2
A6. DORMANNU - The Dread
A7. unknown artist - Break 3
A8. ZAZOU BIKAYE - M'Pasa Ya Pamba
A9. unknown artist - Break 4
A10. 400 BLOWS - Groove Jumping
A11. unknown artist - Break 5
A12. 23 SKIDOO - Coup
A13. 400 BLOWS - Declaration Of Intent

Side B

B1. unknown artist - Break 6
B3. unknown artist - Break 7
B4. DATA - Blow
B5. PORTION CONTROL - Raise The Pulse
B6. unknown artist - Break 8
B7. DATA - Blow
B9. unknown artist - Break 9
B10. POWER TO DREAM - The Faith Healer
B11. unknown artist - Break 10
B12. TARA BUTLER - Up Against The Wall
B13. unknown artist - Break 11
B14. POWER TO DREAM - The Faith Healer
B15. SEX GANG - Dieche

Executive Slacks - Philly, PA

[Image: a2371691596_10.jpg]

Portion Control - London, UK - 1980 - present..



New Frames collab featuring Mathis Mootz aka The Panacea/Squaremeter &  David Frisch

Would like to hear more...  Cool

"Resistance Through Rituals" lp, April 2017

"Earth Exit Statement" featuring Climaxim aka. Limewax as well.

[Image: a2170439080_10.jpg]

It is sort of a big deal in the ebm industrial continuum when Rhys Fulber (Vancouver BC, Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, et all) releases a new solo joint specifically on Adam X's Sonic Groove imprint.

Rhys Fulber can, and has produced a myriad of music in his lifetime, as diverse as full on metal, dnb influenced tunes, ambient, downtempo, industrial & earlier ebm, and more overt commercial electronic music.  If the mon chooses to release future solo joints in the vein of the May 2017, "Realism", Sonic Groove release, I'm in.  

Bring it.

[Image: a3504409768_10.jpg]

interesting 2016 Fulber interview, intro references on his past from growing up with punk rock parents in Vancouver, BC, then later playing with Fear Factory, Motley Crue, YES, playing live with Roni Size & Cyprus Hill on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"..  crazy. 

Fear Factory - Fear Is The Mindkiller e.p., 1993

1. Martyr (Suffer Bastard Mix) 00:00
2. Self Immolation (Vein Tap Mix) 7:14
3. Scapegoat (Pigfuck Mix) 12:47
4. Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix) 17:28
5. Self Immolation (Liquid Sky Mix) 23:28
6. Self Immolation (LP Version) 30:01

3Teeth - Los Angeles, CA

<shutdown.exe> lp, May 2017

[Image: a0361794317_10.jpg]

Youth Code, Chelsea Wolfe (Los Angeles), & George Clarke (Deafheaven) benefit collab release for Planned Parenthood

[Image: a1636011586_10.jpg]

Human Traffic - Kansas City, Missouri

very good.   Bluesmiley

[Image: a3774807757_10.jpg]

Heavenly Music have been digging up and releasing obscure, earlier South American ebm & industrial gems from decades past. Great finds most def.

Nekrosis - Lima, Peru

"Licantropia" compilation, June 2017

"..This Collection comes with a lot of extra tracks and rarities specially collected from Nekrosis archives for your listening pleasure. Conceived in Peru, South America , the land of the Incas and finished to compile in 2012, following the Mayan prophecy of the end of times. This is a very unique release specially restored and remastered and for the very first time unleashed to exquisite ears of modern Industrial music..

[Image: a2366732369_10.jpg]

Alvania (Villa Alemana, Chile, 1995-1999), "The Legacy (Collected Works)" compilation lp, re-issue June 2017

[Image: a4052512097_10.jpg]

I'm very critical of Nitzer Ebb's discography, I like them in very specific places, and I don't like the majority of their tunes in general.

I prefer the Fixmer/McCarthy collabs to most of Nitzer Ebbs's stuff, to be honest. And I don't mind this recent Fixmer/McCarthy collab release at all.

Adam X.. introducing classic names to new kids.

Continuation of the Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) collab with Terence Fixmer from 2003 onwards.

[Image: a3148297545_10.jpg]

Dave Clarke remix..  ILL  


Swarm Intelligence - "Home Recordings" e.p., May 2017

[Image: a0846543362_10.jpg]

Component w/ Swarm Intelligence - 25.05.17

RPCS Guest Mix #83 - Swarm Intelligence, June 2017


01.51717 - The Gove [Jealous God]
02.Broken English Club - Myths Of Steel And Concrete [Death & Leisure]
03.Kareem - Entropy [Zhark Recordings]
04.Regis - Her Surrender [Downwards]
05.Ontal - PI02.1 (Orphx Remix) [Pi Electronics]
06.Cassegrain - Decagon [Semantica Records]
07.Positive Centre - Rub [Leyla Records]
08.Sterac - New Energy [Token]
09.Female - In-Istanbul [Downwards]
10.Surgeon - Badger Bite [SRX]
11.Your Health - Untitled (inf-002 - A1) [Infrastructure New York]
12.Makaton - All The False Idols [Rodz-Konez]
13.Female - Role Restriction [Downwards]
14.Radial - Semi-Life [Numb]
15.Ryuji Takeuchi - Veil [Local Sound Network]
16.JoeFarr - Brace Brace [ONNSET]
17.Thomas Krome - Soulcollector [Corb]
18.Devilfish - Untitled (Live 1999 - B1) [Bush]
19.Alhek - Erdoel [Mechanical Thoughts]
20.Zekt - Ultimate Distortion [Adam & Eve R]
21.Aphex Twin - Digeridoo [R & S Records]

Fade Kainer aka. Statiqbloom - Brooklyn, NYC

"Blue Moon Blood" lp, Aril 2017

[Image: a1695804964_10.jpg]

Electronation - [Edition 12] - Statiqbloom Special - April 2017

1 Block
Statiqbloom - Atrophy of Three
Statiqbloom - Vestige Lights
Statiqbloom - Mortuary

2 Block
Statiqbloom - Slow Void
Statiqbloom - Talons Teeth (Memory Hex)
Statiqbloom - Separate Worlds

3 Block
Statiqbloom - Contaminate (face on the floor mix)
Statiqbloom - Behind Glass
Statiqbloom - Breathing Shallow

4 Block
Zex Model - Tokio Blitz
Hot Guts - Fires (Statiqbloom Remix)
Corrections House - Superglued Tooth (Statiqbloom Remix)
Zex Model - Dominate DNA

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