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Electronic Body Music


1.L A N D – Seconds [Important Records]
2.SPK – Invocation(To Secular Heresies)[The Grey Area]
3.Pact Infernal – Meditations [Horo]
4.Ourea – From Chaos Came Erebus [Horo]
5.Mai Mai Mai – Mustais [Not Not Fun]
6.Blakk Harbor – Sacred Grounds [Ant-Zen]
7.UVB76 – Qiankun Tu [Teenage Menopause]
8.Ehohroma – Relief [To Pikap Records]
9.Ivan Logos – Khoomei [m_division]
10.Oake – Sehtohree Diin Chromtas Vehns [Downwards Records]
11.Demdike Stare – Bardo Thodol [Modern Love]
12.Maenad Veyl – Onto Duat [Bedouin Records]
13.Northern Structures – Skagerrak [Sonic Groove]
14.Lucy – Dissonance Emancipation [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
15.Tsuzing – King Of Hosts [L.I.E.S]
16.Samuel Kerridge – Surrender to The Void [Blueprint Records]
17.ANFS – Nation [Kafta]
18.Michael Wells – Afar [Voluntas Music]
19.Nastika – Sati [Horo]
20.Pessimist – Mist [Osiris Music]
21.Nastika – Yajna [Horo]
22.SamKDC – False Awakening [Horo]
23.Restive Plaggona – Would it Hurt to Die [Several Minor Promises]


1. Marco Shuttle - Eris [Spazio Disponible]
2. Techno Animal - Freefall [Matador]
3. Pessimist - Thug [UVB-76]
4. Dionysian Rituals - Callimachus [Death of a Factor]
5. Giorgio Gigli & Ness - Ergo [Planet Rhythm]
6. Zamilska - Smash [Zamilska]
7. Slikback - Gemini [Hakuna Kulala]
8. Unknown Artist - Siempre Siempre
9. Torn, Roho - Ortum Ossa [Samurai Music]
10. Ah Cama-Sotz - DeceIVer [Pflichtkauf]
11. Aquarian - 365 Days and Counting [Bedouin Records]
12. Robodrum - Mia love it [Digital Distortions]
13. Surachai -Teeth and Rivers [Bl-k Noise]
14. Dadub - Arrival - [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
15. Phork -Unknown Unknowns [Opal Tapes]
16. Andrea Parker - Breaking The Code 'Instrumental' [Mo Wax]
17. Headless Horseman - Blood Drop [Headless horseman 007]
18. Hüma Utku - Black Water Red [Karl Records]
19. Oake - Apath [SNTS Records]
20. Ramleh - Entropy [Crucial Blast]


01. Spitting Magically (0:00​)
02. Slum Vatic (4:22​)
03. Gut Instincts (10:11​)
04. Powders & Dust (16:09​)
05. Oozing (22:44​)
06. Nostalgia Drowning (27:48​)
07. Future Alternatives (33:54​)
08. Psyops (39:01​)


Sounds From NoWhere Podcast #132 - Blush Response


01. A Typo I Feed Iris Noll - Inquisitor From Beyond The Framework [Schematic Music Company]
02. Hainbach - Blood Rush [Misc. Works]
03. STURQEN - Gravita [Nervu]
04. Nordvargr - Mutation [Nordvargr]
05. Sleep Clinic - CycJalbc03ottrpa4Jas15 [Errorgrid Records]
06. Numb - Bliss [Oceana Records]
07. Orphx - Tanha [Hospital Productions]
08. DFANIKS - Vrest [Errorgrid Records]
09. SKD - Nekurzeme [The SLAVE Records]
10. Tl3ss - Color Atura [Errorgrid Records]
11. Insolate feat. Sara Renar - The Final March [Megastructure]
12. Pain Station - I Think I Want To [COP International]
13. Gridlock - Scrape [Unit]
14. Blush Response - Timefall [Megastructure]
15. Converter - Gateway Rite [ant-zen]
16. X-Marks The Pedwalk - Solitude [Zoth Ommog Records]
17. Delta Files - Syndrome.dlt [Re-Load Ambient]
18. The Tear Garden - The Center Bullet [Nettwerk]


Mayuko Hino - Astral Travelling - Cold Spring
Tsone - Emerging into Palpability - Satellite Era
Ontal - Menticide - Liber Null Berlin
Portion Control - Whiterose - Portion Control
O/H - Media Blitz - L.I.E.S.
Phase Fatale - Luxury Seducer - Liber Null Berlin
OTHR - All Crumble - Liber Null Berlin
Blush Response - Neuromod - Liber Null Berlin
Unhuman - Recalling Sin - BITE
Beau Wanzer - Busted and Bamboozled - Ophism
Artik - Bring Them Down - Liber Null Berlin
Regis - Cracked Earth - Downwards
Thighpaulsandra - The Floating Ear - Modulisme
Reeko - Breatheless - Mental Disorder
Thomas P. Heckmann - Mechanoid - Nachstrom Schallplatten
Pouppee Fabrikk - Burn Forever [Blush Response Remix] - Alfa Matrix
Cyan ID - Crime Runner - X-IMG
Machino - El Diablo Sabe - X-IMG
Converter - Coma - Ant-Zen
COIL - Christmas is Now Drawing Near - Eskaton

Youth Code X King Yosef - " A Skeleton Key In the Doors of Depression"

1. Claw/ Crawl
2. Burner
3. Looking Down
4. Head Underwater
5. The World Stage
6. A Mother's Love
7. Deathsafe
8. Finally Docked

..BOY Records was founded by Michael Zosel back in 1987 but it was after a few releases that he started to work with producer Arno Müller. "Brian" by Absurd was the first techno release on the label and a great success in the German techno scene. The cooperation continued with singles by Hypnopedia and New Scene that worked very well and put the name of BOY Records in the charts and clubs all around Germany and abroad. In 1990 another massive success came with the single "Kennedy" by Deep Thought and since there the label did not stop to release hit after hit by lot of names like Time Modem, "O", Cybex Factor, Sonic System, Moskwa TV, MCL and lot more.

"Timeless Technology 1988-1991" compiles a selection of classic tekkno traxx released on label's most fruitful years...


A1. Absurd - Brian (The Pure Techno Bassdrum Mxxx)
A2. Hypnopedia - Hypnopedia (The Hypnotic Mix)
A3. Time Modem - The Time Of The Gathering (... There Can Be Only One)
B1. New Scene - El Mach Hall (The Never Should Be The AA-Side Mix)
B2. New Scene - The War In Vietnam
B3. Deep Thought - Jugendklang
C1. "O" - Das Spiel
C2. Duce - Krieg Oder Frieden
C3. Hypnopedia - Hypnopedia 666
D1. Deep Thought - Kennedy
D2. Time Modem - Welcome To The 90's
D3. Hypnopedia - Horror
E1. "O" - Das Spiel (Die 2. Runde)
E2. Intact - Act's Of Sensation (Techno Version)
E3. Cybex Factor - Die Schöpfung
F1. F.C.M.P. - Demon Dance (Pluck Mix)
F2. "O" - O'rgasm (Hetero Version)
F3. New Scene - Tonight
G1. Time Modem - Werkzeug Eines Fernen Willens
G2. Structure - Das Licht
G3. Cybex Factor - No Rock
H1. Sonic System - Operation Desert Storm (Bombing-Attack-Mix)
H2. Synchroton - Let'em Down
H3. Scared To Death - Falling (Harmonie Mix)

Vomito Negro is the mythical EBM-industrial act formed in Belgium in 1983. The band has a vast discography that started with a self-titled EP in 1985 and continued with diverse releases on renowned labels like KK Records, Antler-Subway and more recently on Out of Line and Scanner.

Vomito Negro's musical approach, essentially based on the European "Industrialist" tradition, takes a different angle on every record with synthesized psychodramas that range from danceable to contemplative, from instrumental and ambient to voice-ridden and brutal.

The new album “Entitled” was created with unreleased tracks from the early 80’s. All songs were re-arranged and re-recorded with the use of original vintage hardware synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines.

April 2021


oh yes.

very much so.


I heard Hula on the radio tonight.

Hula live @ Melkweg Amsterdam Netherlands February 24 1985

01. The Yes Man
02. Bad Blood
03. Hour By Hour
04. Ghost Rattle
05. Jump The Gun
06. Hard Stripes
07. Freeze Out
08. Invisible
09. Ambient 2
10. Tear Up
11. The Trouble With Benny
12. Back Beat *** not on 1000 Hours ***
13. Baby Doll
14. The Shut Out *** not on 1000 Hours ***
15. Fever Car *** not on 1000 Hours, partly ***

1 Freeze Out
2 Bad Blood
3 Sour Eden
4 Gun Culture
5 Big Heat
6 Ninth Degree
7 Torn Silk
8 Motor City Nightmare
9 Burn It Out
10 When The Hammer Starts To Beat
11 Church Trumpet (Clear Water)

1-4 : March 23 1985
5-8 : October 10 1985
9-11: July 16 1985

not sure this counts; it's more of a proto-rave track really, but anyway...


^^ cool. Definitely ravey builds in the tune.

Perturbator is doing some good stuff. I'm very impressed. Many different ideas, expressions and influences at play here. A project that can fit into many perspectives. Its interesting how current younger, producers are interpreting dark electronic influences. Very well done imo. Interesting remix collaborations as well, with offerings from Pig Destroyer, HEALTH, Author & Punisher, and a Cult Of Luna / Julie Christmas, Perturbator remix to cap it all off. Not a bad run for 2021 no doubt.

As posted elsewhere, while working this past weekend, our Halloween morning soundtrack started with Front 242 "Tyranny for You" lp, and I also recommended Perturbator, an excellent compliment to classic Front 242 atmospheres. Extremely fitting! Smile "Lustful Sacraments" lp, definite 2021 highlight release for me.

Reaching Xanadu - 00:00-01:58
Lustful Sacraments - 01:58-06:14
Excess - 06:14-12:36
Secret Devotion (ft. True Body) - 12:36-17:33
Death of the Soul - 17:33-21:19
The Other Place - 21:19-26:30
Dethroned Under a Funeral Haze - 26:30-31:36
Messalina, Messalina - 31:36-38:48
God Says (ft. Hangman's Chair) - 38:48-46:53


Birth of the new model 00:00
Neo tokyo 5:29
Futur club 9:43
She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next 13:48
corrupted design 20:15
Excess 23:40
She Moves Like a Knife 28:08
Diabolus ex machina 34:15
Weapons for childrens 37:40
Humans Are Such Easy Prey 39:28

Excess - 00:00-06:21
Excess (Author & Punisher cover) - 06:21-10:43
Excess (She Past Away cover) - 10:43-15:20
Excess (INVSN cover) - 15:20-19:26
Excess (OddZoo cover) - 19:26-22:40
Excess (HEALTH cover) - 22:40-27:17
Excess (Pig Destroyer cover) - 27:17-32:27

Some excellent content being posted via Kompact Mode's youtube channel as of late. Much respects to Kompact Mode youtube channel for the videos!


00:31 Can - I Want More
04:05 Erasure - Blue Savannah (remix) feat. snippets of Tour De France
10:24 Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love
14:05 Depeche Mode - Ice Machine
17:52 Depeche Mode - Dreaming of Me
21:34 Depeche Mode - Shout
34:42 Yazoo - Situation (Rex the Dog DJ set)

Two Fad Gadget tracks (Back to Nature, Life on the Line) & Depeche Mode's Puppets (Röyksopp remix) have been removed due to copyright reasons.

It all started with the last minute info I was given on the 2nd day of the festival. Unwritten in the original programme I found out that Daniel Miller was to play a DJ set after Martin Gore’s. However his set was only available to those who had premium tickets. Valery, a good mate of mine who was leaving for the day found out that I didn’t have one so he gave his pass to me. Mr, you are my true hero!

Having missed his set the night before I rushed to the Studio Theatre as soon as Martin was done. Fortunately the door was still open. So I made it to the front row and took out my camcorder instantly. Luckily it had just started with what sounded like an opening track by NON or TG (?). On stage Daniel was wearing a Lacoste polo shirt as always, his signature outfit since many years. It was surreal to see the man who discovered Depeche Mode signing iconic bands like Fad Gadget, DAF, etc literally standing a few feet away spinning the soundtrack of my life.

Consisting of the likes of early Mute songs his set was simple and inviting. He looked laidback, sipping a drink and giving a subtle look at the crowd from time to time. Unlike other DJ’s who meticulously craft bits and pieces into a coherent live set his style was quite basic. He basically stood by the console a.k.a. MacBook pushing the keys mostly when it was time for a new track. He didn't add any effects like Martin had done a few hours earlier (or so it seemed). Listening to various remixes he has done to other artists though (Nitzer Ebb “Lightning Man”, Chris & Cosey “Synaesthesia” etc) it was obvious the subtleness played a big part in his approach to music and this set was no exception. Subtle and minimal, less is more - for me that’s how I have always seen him. Oh and it was casual too. It was almost as if you are invited to a friend’s house and he picks up his favourite records and plays endlessly while talking about music. I guess this honesty and friendliness were also the keys of the evening, where he presented songs that meant something to him not only as a label owner but as a music fan. Undoubtedly it was also the songs that meant so much to us. One might wonder if this is the true definition of “house music”… Anyway the result was spot-on. For anyone who grew up with Mute in the 80’s it was pure nostalgia. All in all how often does it happen in your life - a man shakes hands with unknown lads from Basildon a.k.a. suburb without a written contract and then he would go on to make history, shaping the entire soundtrack of your life of the past 30+ years? Kudos to Mr. Miller!

So it ended. The evening to remember for good. Glad I had a camcorder with me and managed to document the set (without the tape running out!). Also thankful to Valery who gave his precious ticket just to let me enjoy the rest of the evening. The film actually suffers from a battery change during Dreaming of Me, but I filled the gap with another snippet of the show to give a good flow. Hopefully it doesn’t affect your listening experience. It’s also shaky at times but it’s because I couldn’t help dancing my arse off lol

I also filmed Rex The Dog who played shortly after Daniel, another cracking one with plenty of Mute spirit. It will be available soon.

/Kompakt Mode - September 2021


00:00 Intro
02:25 First In/First Out
07:54 Take One
11:50 Don't Crash
15:25 Funkahdafi
19:00 Generator
22:53 Quite Unusual
26:44 Soul Manager
30:40 Commando Mix
38:15 Red Team
41:37 Deeply Asleep
45:09 Operating Tracks (out of focus)
49:13 W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G. / U-Men (partially out of focus)
53:13 Fix It
57:17 Headhunter
01:02:36 Im Rhythmus Bleiben
01:06:07 Moldavia
01:11:37 Until Death (Us Do Part)
01:16:03 Welcome to Paradise
01:21:01 Credits

Warming up to the new Noise Unit "Deviator" lp as I post. Production choices get cleaner and cleaner, where as most recent ebm influenced by early Noise Unit / Front Line Assembly, etc only tries to mimic their late 80's and 90's material. I guess that could be the legacy appeal of Front Line Assembly related music this far on, they don't fall back on trying to recreate retro sounding production. Keep trying new things, production styles & gear all the time.

I like the straight up 4/4 beats in some of the tunes. "Fargo Field" has a dub techno, tech house feel even. Works very well. More focussed than recent FLA albums imo. Any recent ebm fan should have a listen here. Noise Unit, originals schooling us again decades later. All the original Noise Unit releases from 1989 onward also available on the bandcamp.

Noise Unit, "Deviator" lp, September 2021


New Rhys Fulber lp "Brutal Nature", November 26, 2021

Blush Response, Sound and Structure, Fulber interview from August 2021 ** 34:10 mins in the interview, cool mentions of early 90's Hard Club (London) encounters with Pete Shelley, Martin Gore, and playing a 1991 NYC show with Neubauten, Cabaret Voltaire. Childhood memories of seeing Kraftwerk with his parents in Vancouver. wtf. Good stuff.


Rippin compilations via queer subversive, Gegen Records (Berlin, Germany)


Blu Anxxiety is always a good time. Like Anasazi before for straight up NYC death rock, I'm a huge fan. Really liking the recent, cryptic goth, future garage style productions via Blu Anxxiety band member, Justin Schmidt, as X Harlow.

X Harlow "Cathars" lp, & Blu Anxxiety, 2021 year highlights for sure.

0:00 Apparitioner
2:53 Light Is Gone
7:13 Credentes
9:53 Lost in Her House
12:09 Glass Pieces
15:39 Metempsychosis
17:52 She Is Found

0:00 Alfred Dies
1:34 Pyre
3:27 Glide
7:04 Parking Lot
9:40 Von Bingen's Prayer
13:37 Ascension
14:49 Eyes Out
19:04 Empty Life
24:09 Elysium

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