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For Lovers of AMEN!

Scientific Wax Radio show from 25.09.16

Equinox was a no show for his set, Pete Devnull played the for 31 mins, then Dub-One played around an hour of mainly his unreleased dubs. Some forthcoming Sci-Wax (I assume) and Subtle Audio. Serious amen pressure here.

Enjoy the Drums

Download here ->

404 Not Found


Their blog is still up however

And there are mirrors of the first five rars at

Wink Makes sense that the site is defunkt, just remembering how much I used to love that label Xyxthumbs

Thanks for cheering me up MuttleyMirror

Website's been defunkt for years now. I think the links for all Digibeat releases still work though. They were on Dj Sickheads server. If not and you want any, I have them all. Xyxthumbs Drums

Thank you, sir! Wave Digibeat was one of my favourite labels, not sure if they are quite 'back in tha day' yet but it's been a while since I thought about them. I think I have the whole lot but appreciate your offer NoodeL, that's really cool of you.


I take that back, I definitely don't have all of them lol. The ones I do I really listened to a lot.

Hey MetaLX check discogs for the releases

and use this format for downloading

just change the number after 'dbm' in the link for the different releases. It should work.

Thanks for the kind words. Miss the label.

Lovesmilie Hatsoff

Don't know what to say, thanks a ton mate! I'm going to start nerding out on these one by one Xyxthumbs

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