NEWS Ragga Jungle vs Occvltist Amen Godz \m/

..  there could be a conspiracy there, depending on what strain yer smokin.. 

BUT there's ALSO some NEW, recent tunes & moments kicking about. 

*2018* (edit, Happy NY y'all!), Smile ragga jungle & such, wah gwan?   Chin


Dj K (Killa Records - Ottawa, Canada) kicked out the jams with a dj K "Greatest Hits Megamix" this month.  

It's Dj K, THEE Killa Records. I'm still listening when it is called for. Are you? 

[Image: k.jpg]


..Here it is, my Magnum Opus: a Megamix selection of personal favorite releases of mine over the years on vinyl, digital and more recent unreleased tunes. A 2017 retrospective I never realized that I play piano in my tracks so often! Warning: you might actually feel motion sick listening to 3 channels of jungle playing all at once.. - Dj K, March 2017

(Tracklist in order of appearance, actual mixes overlap)


01. Bboy 3000 - DJ K Championz routine live in Paris
02. DJ K - On A Mission (Illtype Remix) - unreleased
03. DJ K - Kill or be Killed - Killa 01 vinyl
04. DJ K - Suffer - Killa 02 vinyl
05. DJ K - Championz - N2O 028 vinyl
06. Capital J - Noize Check (DJ K Remix) - Dub Chamber 020 digital
07. DJ K - Ali Baba - Ragga Renegades 1 vinyl
08. DJ K - Dis Battle - Killa 03 vinyl
09. DJ K - Murda - Big Cat 07 vinyl
10. DJ K - On A Mission - Big Cat 09 vinyl
11. DJ K - Respect - Big Cat 07 vinyl
12. DJ K - Pounding Dronez Remix - Killa 02 vinyl
13. DJ K - Respect (Osci Remix) - Killa 03 digital
14. DJ K - Hypocrites - N2O 054
15. DJ K - Flyin (J Bostron Remix) - unreleased
16. DJ K - Pull Up! - Killa 01 digital
17. DJ K - Kill It - Dub Chamber 020 digital
18. DJ K - Fook - Breaknest 04 vinyl
19. DJ K - Dis Battle (reprise) - Killa 03 vinyl
20. Direct Feed & Rob Bliss - Fuck The World (DJ K Remix) - Killa 04 digital
21. DJ K - Brace Yourself - Killa 01 vinyl
22. DJ K - I Feel Like Jumping - Ragga Renegades 3 vinyl
23. DJ K - Flyin - Big Cat 09 vinyl
24. DJ K - Grind - Killa 04 vinyl
25. Tariq - All In The Mind (DJ K Remix) - Killa 04 digital
26. DJ K - So What - Killa 04 vinyl
27. Mighty Dreadnaught - Total War (DJ K Remix) - Big Buddha Beats 01 digital
28. DJ K - 3rd Eye (feat. Marina) - Celestial Conspiracy 07 vinyl
29. DJ K - Kill or be Killed (Bboy 3000 Remix) - Killa 03 digital
30. DJ K - Krokodil - Acid Jungle 01 vinyl
31. Bran Van 3000 - You (DJ K Remix) - unreleased
32. DJ K - Live at Konkrete Jungle Ottawa (Big Triggs)
33. DJ K - Live at RIAA’s Most Wanted Ottawa (Jazzy Jane)
34. FFF - Torturing Soundboy (DJ K Remix) - Dub Attack 01 vinyl
35. DJ K - Live in Vienna Austria (MC Revelation)
36. Wickedsquad - No Guns Inna Dance (DJ K Remix) - unreleased
37. 2Times - Play Me A Dubplate (DJ K Remix) - Irritant Sounds 02 vinyl
38. DJ K - Bad Kalic - unreleased
39. DJ K - Acid Jungle (Acidpella) - Acid Jungle 01 vinyl
40. DJ K - War In The East - Jungle Battleweapons vinyl
41. DJ K - The Anthem - Jungle Battleweapons vinyl
42. Keely B - Drinks Up (DJ K Remix) - unreleased
43. DJ K & Dubwiser MC - Nice Up - unreleased
44. Tenor Fly - Rudeboy Talk (DJ K Remix) - unreleased
45. DJ K - Tenor Fly dubplate - unreleased
46. Taz - DJ K Remix - unreleased
47. Exodus Soundsystem - Style Confusion (DJ K Remix) - Exodus 03 vinyl
48. DJ K - Everybody Needs An Amen Tune - Jungle Battle Weapons vinyl
49. Drew Tabor - “The Way” Cover (DJ K Remix) - unreleased
50. DJ K - Live in Kaliningrad Russia
51. Renegade - Terrorist (DJ K Remake) - unreleased
52. Feyder - Rub A Dub (DJ K Dub Remix) - Mashed Youth 015 digital
53. DJ K - Brighter Dayz (2013 Version) - unreleased
54. DJ K - Brighter Dayz (Original) - Killa 03 vinyl
55. DJ K - Live in Saint Petersburg Russia

DJ K Live at Junglist Call, Cross Club Prague CZ 16.01.2016


1. Gang-Related & Mask - Dictation (DJ K Remix)
2. 2Times - Play Me A Dubplate (DJ K Remix)
3. Tenor Fly - Rudeboy Talk (DJ K Remix)
4. DJ K - Gangsta Anthem
5. Green - Flyin Re-Remix
6. DJ K - Flyin
7. DJ K - Ali Baba
8. Steppa Style - Instagram (DJ K Dubplate Remix)
9. DJ K - Championz (808 Remix)
10. Rude & Deadly - Give Me A Dubplate (HoT Remix)
11. Supa Ape - Raggamuffin
12. Feyder - 18 & Over Remix
13. Osci - Bust The AK
14. DJ K - I Feel Like Jumping
15. DJ K - On A Mission
16. Blade & MSDOS - Without
17. 6Blocc - Jungle Clash
18. Fleck - Kill A Sound Fi Me
19. Wickaman & Mavrik - The Break Goes On
20. NSF - Break On Through
21. Krinjah - Who Say (Big Man Nah Cry) Remix
22. Schematic - Something Out There
23. KGBkid - Hotstepper Remix
24. KGBkid - Intergalactic Remix
25. Krinjah - Original Nuttah 2008 Remix
26. Shy FX - Shake Ur Body
27. DJ K - Tenor Fly Dubplate
28. Renegade - Terrorist (DJ K Remake)
29. Ebony Dubsters - Ra (DJ K Remix)
30. The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (DJ K Remix)
31. Fergie - London Bridge (iDoleast Bootleg)
32. Ganja Kru - Super Sharp Shooter (Wide Awake Remix)
33. Capital J - Diss Da Program (Locked Remix)
34. Capital J - Diss Da Program
35. DJ K - Respect
36. DJ K - Brighter Days (2013 Remix)

Sully mix GOLD


I'm a casual fan of a few of Serum's tunes from the past. Out of most dnb producers, Serum still kicks into that jungle root in a lot of his productions, vocal edits and such. nice combination of elements, which is why I"m a casual fan in places for sure.


new 6blocc jungle, Bassline Bangers garage joints

[Image: a3644892724_10.jpg]


LOVE the Aaron Spectre, Bad Brains "My Attitude" mash, good fun!


I don't mind this, still prefer End.user's use of the lick back when in "WormDub", but this isn't too bad as well.





liking these Killa Dubz releases 



[Image: chopstickdubplateart-1024x1024.jpg]

Chopstick Dubplate Present Taqueria Chopstick Mix - January 2018


No Worries in the Dance – Frankie Paul [Dubplate]
No No No – Dawn Penn [Dubplate]
One Sound – Junior Reid [Dubplate]
I Know Myself – Ernest Wilson [Dubplate]
M16 – Sammy Dreadlocks [Dubplate]
Chopstick is the Ruler – Norris Man [Dubplate]
100 Box of Dubplate – Carlton Livingston [Dubplate]
Number 1 Sound – Junior Murvin [Dubplate]
Junglist Girl – Sammy Dreadlocks [Dubplate]
My Sound – Ras Demo aka Demolition Man [Dubplate]
Fifty Pound of Weed – Jah Roamy [Dubplate]
Pass the Kutchie – Mr Williamz [Dubplate]
Who Knows (Shy FX remix) – Protoje & Chronixx [Dubplate]
Ganja Smoke – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Ward 21 [Dubplate]
Gwarn (Chopstick Dubplate remix) – Potential Badboy feat. Demolition Man [Dubplate]
The Burial (Chopstick Dubplate remix) – Leviticus feat. Jigsy King & Tony Curtis [Dubplate]
Darkage (Aries & Fleck remix) – DJ Solo [Kartoonz]
Champion (Chopstick Dubplate remix) – Rukus feat. Ward 21 [Raider Records]
Don Dada – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Louie Rankin & Freddie McGreger [Dubplate]
Killing Pussy – Chopstick Dubplate fear. Junior Cat [Dubplate]
Jungle Love – Chopstick Dubplate feat. General Pecos [Dubplate]
Blam Blam (Birmingstrong Anthem) – Aries & Jacky Murda feat. Cheshire Cat [Dubplate]
Jungle Style – Aries & Jacky Murda feat. MC $pyda [Dubplate]
Big Up the Shape of You – Chopstick Dubplate feat. General Levy & Ed Sheeran [Amen Workout Mix]
Equal Rights – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Ishawna [Amen Workout Mix]
Eating Rights – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Kiprich [Amen Workout Mix]
More Punanny – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Left Side aka Dr Evil [Dubplate]
Boom Wah Dis (Riddim Prod By. Serial Killaz) – Burru Banton [Dubplate]
Bag A Greens – Chopstick Dubplate feat. General Jah Mikey [Dubplate]
Saturday Night – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Mr Williamz [Dubplate]
Gate Man Dub – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Supercat [Dubplate]
Murderer Medley – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Johnny Osbourne [Dubplate]
No Ice Cream – King Yoof feat. Johnny Osbourne [Dubplate]
Walk N Skank – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Jah Screechy [Chopstick Dubplate]
Deta Now (Lionfire remix) – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Demolition Man [Chopstick Dubplate]
Murder Dem – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Ninja Man [Dubplate]
My Sound A Murda – Chopstick Dubplate feat. General Jah Mikey [Dubplate]
Doesn’t Matter Soundboy – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Luciano [Dubplate]
Night Till Morning – Chopstick Dubplate feat. General Pecos [Dubplate]
Sound Get So Cold – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Richie Spice [Dubplate]
Gash Dem – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Chuck Fenda [Dubplate]
Really Like You – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Sarah Lugo & Protoje [Dubplate]
Jah Sunrise RIP VIP – Congo Natty & Chopstick Dubplate feat. Frankie Paul & Tenor Fly [Dubplate]
Soundboy Gone (Amen VIP) – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Jah Mason [Chopstick Dubplate]
Almighty Chopstick – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Lt Stitchie [Dubplate]
Alaska Ride Tarantula – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Tenor Fly [Dubplate]
Openland – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Teflon aka Mr Mutton [Dubplate]
Killing Teng – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Wayne Smith [Dubplate]
Slew Dem – Chopstick Dubplate feat. Capleton [Dubplate]
Brown Paper – Roni Size feat. MC Dynamite [Dubplate]
Rebel Wid A Cause (Chopstick Dubplate remix) – UK Allstars feat. Congo Natty, Daddy Freddy, General Levy, Tenor Fly, Tippa Irie, Sweetie Irie & Topcat [Dubplate]

[Image: 1513.jpg?v=20180107]

RCFF 12 Raves of Christmas with Chopstick Dubplate - 22nd December 2017

[Image: artworks-000274242206-w6r28r-t500x500.jpg]


#OneManOneMixOneLove vol.09

Direct Download:
MediaFire Download:

Another Tributes from Barrington Levy, Papa San, LT Stitchie, Tenor Saw, Mad Cobra, Cocoa Tea...


Tenor Fly was a British singer, rapper and freestyler, who rose to prominence in the ragga movement of the early 1990s.
Born Jonathan Sutter, Fly had been a member of Freestylers and has worked as a solo artist. Fly had been active in the music business since 1988, and was best known for his work with other artists, such as Rebel MC, Top Cat, Barrington Levy and Sir Coxson Sound.[1]
Fly died suddenly on 17 June 2016.[2]
London label Nice Up! Records summed up Fly's life with a statement: "Without a doubt one of the legends of the soundsystem scene here in the UK and a talent that spread across the world. From dancehall, reggae and hip hop to jungle, his style and influence cannot be understated—an original roughneck rudeboy. Not only a consummate artist and performer.


As lead/main artist

Tenor Fly Meets Congo Natty (with Rebel MC a.k.a. Congo Natty) (2003)
Tenor Fly Meets Top Cat – Two Veterans (with Top Cat) (2006)

As collaborating/featuring artist

We Rock Hard by Freestylers (1998 )
Pressure Point by Freestylers (2001)


"Roughneck Fashion", Blacka Dread (1989)
"No More Agony", Ghetto Clappers (1989)
"Town Ah Run Hot", Tribal Bass (1991)
"Pose Up", Fashion (1992)
"Sight Mi Nozzle", Gussie P (1993)
"Bright Side of Life" Mango (1994)
"Bump and Grine", 9LD (1994)
"Mi Darlin'", Gussie P (1994)
"Mind Weh Yu Seh", Fashion (1994)
"I Get My Kicks" 9LD (1995)
"Don't Dis The Jungle", Fashion, (1995)
"Sorry If I Hurt Your Feelings", 9LD (1996)
"Jah Give Me Energy", Kaya's Music (1998 )

As collaborating/featuring artist
"Dance Hall Clash" with Daddy Freddy (1989)
"Culture"/"Coming on Strong" by Rebel MC (1990)
"Tribal Base" by Rebel MC (1991)
"The Wickedest Sound" by Rebel MC, Desire (1991)
"Tease Dem" with Top Cat, Fashion, 1994
"Let's Play" by Nerious Joseph, Big Orange (1995)
"Sunshine" by Nerious Joseph, Song Star (1995)
"Inna City" by Prizna (1995)
"Alaska Ride" by Blackstar (1996)
"B-Boy Stance" by Freestylers (1998 )
"Tarantula" by Pendulum (2005)
"Born Again" by Rebel MC, Congo Natty (2010)

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