[Theory & Premise] "Progressive House" is Entirely Post-Punk

A large part of the Killing Joke remixes have been geared to specific trance tastes over the decades.. I'm not particularly a fan of many Killing Joke trance remixes per se.

Youth can still hit the mark on occasion for sure.  The Youth compiled "Killing Joke - In Dub" 2014 compilation had some interesting bits too, imo.




(13th May 2017, 17:08)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: The Youth compiled "Killing Joke - In Dub" 2014 compilation had some interesting bits too, imo.


surprised it doesn't have this on it:


^^ I don't buy much vinyl these days, but I did buy a copy of "Turn to Red" a few years ago.  It is the quality of the purchase.. heh. Smile 


Tripping out on the Mclaren Youth remix... great!  

Sir Glover has a youtube channel if you haven't check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/youthindub/videos






1. Harlot 0:00
2. Walk with Me 3:13
3. Analog City 7:28
4. Pray for a Star 8:47
5. Voicemail w/ Ms. Kittin 12:42
6. Madame Hollywood 13:29
7. Silver Screen (Shower Scene) 16:21
8. Control Freaq 21:02
9. What Does It Feel Like? 26:14
10. Happy Hour 28:50
11. Thee Enter View 33:52
12. Glitz Rock 35:06
13. Sequel2Sub 39:07
14. Magic Fly 42:58
15. She Lives 45:58
16. Runaway Dreamer 49:04
17. My Life Muzik 53:55

Gangstercast is known for featuring some of the best talents and heroes in the scene and this week is no exception. We are very excited to announce episode 80 of The Gangstercast is orchestrated by the one and only Felix Da Housecat. This is an interesting mix for sure, Felix’s style from beginning to end.

In a world obsessed with labelling an ever-evolving genre, Felix da Housecat is dedicated to making the people dance. He is one of those rare, charisma-oozing characters, whose musical and mental eccentricity come from a genuine place. He’s never afraid to take a risk to reach new ground. It’s this blend of qualities that has kept him in such high reverence in the electronic field for two decades now, and which has ensured that his music has been a consistently captivating force.

An ever-moving target, his various incarnations have seen him morph from resolute acid and techno warrior to avant-garde nu-skool electro-disco pioneer to the man who gave one of the world’s most famous rappers a new lease of house-infused life long before major labels were putting every urban artist on their books over anemic 4/4 beats.

   00,00 wanna push you - gemini
   7.38 U Can (Original Mix) - Groove Armada
   12,05 Lies (Billy Kenny Remix) - Left/Right, jACQ
   16,07 Nathan Barato - Talk On Feat. Sasha Brown
   18,30 dj dozia - pop culture (kink remix)
   23,41 Sinner Winner - Felix Da Housecat
   27,25 Phuture Jacks (Remastered) - Phuture
   39,12 Let the Drums Speak (Butch Remix) - Mighty Dub Katz
   42,37 Ron Hardy's Resurrection - Mfon
   46,30 Go (Loco Dice Remix) - Moby
   58,19 What What - Harry Romero
   1,09,53 Blondes Have More Fun - Tiga’s Elevation Remix - Tiga
   1,16,27 Behind The Wheel (Shep Pettibone Mix) - Depeche Mode
   1,20,49 Touch Your Body (Moodymann Remix) - Felix Da Housecat, Jamie Principle, Vince Lawrence AKA The 312
   1,25,21 A Little Bit Of Jazz - Nick Straker
   1,26,44  I'm a Big Freak [R*U*1*2] - Phreek


I've been a general Felix Da Housecat / Aphrohead, etc. fan for 20 + years, no matter what era, his tunes will turn new ears onto Chicago roots, Dj Pierre and all no matter what. The range of tunes is vast. Analyzing it now in sporadic eras, it is only fitting that you can view some of the tunes most definitely in a space like this. Simply listening to the debut 1994 Aprohead lp "The Industry Made Me Do It" to the 2015 "Resurrection" lp, is a lifetime of influences on display. "Resurrection" (Crosstown Rebels) is a dope album. Recommended if you've never heard it.


I heard this in the car the other week.

I was instantly trying to explain to more casual, uninterested (lol), pedestrian, dance music fan how Tantra - "Wishbone" (1980) could have been a progressive house tune if released in 1992 in a slight, slower pitch.  With all the echoes, reverb, drum fills, and guitar flourishes even.  Top tune of course. 

I hear Sabers of Paradise.. do you?   Chin

I don't know? I geek out on this shit all the time.  ugh.  https://www.discogs.com/Tantra-The-Doubl...ter/133766




Great thread and depth. Progressive house, or in other words Balearic Islands Chillout, is one of the three main genre jams I like to fall apart into.

Try Kid Moxie - Perfect Shadow LP on Bandcamp!

^^  cool. will check 

Coil,"The Snow" Jack Dangers remix (1991) is dope. Surgeon flex was kicking around soundcloud a few years ago, easily fits the brief. 




Paul Daley (Leftfield, etc) as member of The Rivals  



I have a cousin who was obsessed with Alien Sex Fiend.  A very niche interest. I was more into Bauhaus myself. 

Remixes have always been a part of the catalog - drum machines, electro, big beats, reverbed guitar samples, then eventually 4/4 mutations, all obvious pre-cursors to what would be heard in UK progressive house by the early 90's, if you recall. More that a mere rock band in presentation, and yes, perhaps progressive house inflections, but definitely early trance when the said genres surfaced.   

Was Shaun Ryder a fan?  Chin   I hear a Sex Fiend aesthetic in some Happy Mondays stuff for sure. But that's just me. 


Production collab with Youth included via Inferno (1994). 

"Evolution" is a great trancey acid gem. (1996)


1997 era, Alien Sex Fiend - "Nocturnal Emissions" lp includes collabs with Girl Eats Boy, aka. Lol Hammond of Drum Club.


2.On A Mission
3.Warp Out
4.Big Blue Moon
5.Room 101
6.Soaking Wet Mate


Sex Fiend circa 2018, "Possessed lp" keeping the 80's era, muddy, rudimentary sample vision alive I see.  Props to keeping the era reference authentic, who else is doing that??   heh.


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