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[Theory & Premise] "Progressive House" is Entirely Post-Punk



I haven't delved into Route 8 (Budapest, Hungary) territory for a bit. Route 8 has always been a past, QUALITY, deep / tech house reference over the years.

Checking recent Route 8 offerings via his own This Is Our Time imprint, sees the man DEEP into progressive house, balearic vibes. I'm not mad at it. GREAT listens!




Track List:

01 - This is (Original)
02 - Williams' Blood (Aeroplane Radio Remix)
03 - Pull Up To The Bumper (Joey Negro Bumper To Bumper Mix)
04 - Feel Up (Danny Tenaglia Mix)
05 - I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) (DJ Hell Berlin Mix)
06 - Slave To The Rhythm (DJ Friction Remix)
07 - Love You To Life (Cagedbaby & Guy Williams Paradise 45 Rework)
08 - Amado Mio (The Brazilian Mix)
09 - Slave To The Rhythm (Acapella)
10 - Sunset Sunrise (Groove Armada - Lazy Moon Mashup)
11 - La Vie En Rose (Disco Syndicate Mix)






01. 0:00 Dirty Channels - Born In Douala [TAKE IT EASY]
02. 3:00 Seven Davis Jr. - P.A.R.T.Y. [APRON]
03. 6:00 ID - ID
04. 9:00 DJ Dealer - Church Work [LOOK AT YOU]
05. 15:00 Avon Stringer - Get A Move On [PLAY IT DOWN (MADE 2 PLAY)]
06. 17:30 Kiwi - Llama [DFTD (DEFECTED)]
07. 21:30 Groove Armada - You Got To [MODA BLACK]
08. 25:00 Loco Dice - Under Your Skin (Bambounou Blue Remix) [DESOLAT]
09. 31:00 Santos - Expression 727 [LET ME UNDERSTAND]
10. 35:00 UNER - BassBoot [KNM]
11. 40:00 The B-52's - Planet Claire
12. 45:00 Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte (Cave Man) (ID Remix)
13. 50:00 Dimitri From Stoke On Trent - I Wanna Be Your Lobster
14. 55:00 The Martinez Brothers - Tree Town [CUTTIN' HEADZ]
15. 59:00 Jaksan - Might As Well [FARRIS WHEEL]
16. 1:05:00 Cajmere & Gene Farris ft. Karen Incognito - Swing Set [CAJUAL]
17. 1:08:00 3 Winans Brothers ft. The Clark Sisters - Dance (Mike Dunn Gospel Re-Touch) [VEGA]
18. 1:11:30 Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra (ID Remix) [ZYX]
19. 1:17:00 Tanera - Magic Underwear
20. 1:21:00 Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix)
21. 1:23:00 &ME - Garden [KEINEMUSIK]
22. 1:27:30 Bryan Kessler - Fun Is Fun [TRICK]
23. 1:31:00 The Outhere Brothers - Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)
24. 1:33:00 Demuir - Philippine Sunrise (Lady Blacktronika Sunset Mix) [HEIST]
25. 1:38:00 DJ Koze - XTC [PAMPA]
26. 1:43:00 Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (New York Mix) [ZTT]
27. 1:48:00 Snap! - The Power (ID Remix) [ARISTA]
28. 1:51:00 Felix Da Housecat X Chris Trucher - Thee Trk! (Honey Dijon Re-Edit) [CLASSIC MUSIC]
29. 1:54:00 Loleatta Holloway - Catch Me On The Rebound (ID Remix) [SALSOUL]
30. 1:58:00 Floorplan - Song Like This [AUS]
31. 2:01:30 Dachshund - Direct [GRUUV]
32. 2:06:00 Nyra - Sisco Visco [CANOE]
w/ Rhythm Controll - My House (In Beginning, There Was Jack... Acappella) [CATCH A BEAT]
33. 2:12:00 Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough (ID Remix)
34. 2:14:00 Moodymann - Shades Of Jae [PEACEFROG]
35. 2:16:00 Gary Beck - Get Down [SAVED]
36. 2:19:00 2000 And One & Sandy Huner vs. Brothers' Vibe - Baile Bass Groove (Vocal Mix) [BANG!BANG!]
37. 2:25:00 Giorgio Moroder - The Chase [CASABLANCA (UMG)]
38. 2:28:00 Paul Johnson - Feel My M.F. Bass [DANCE MANIA (STRUT)]
39. 2:30:00 Handbraekes - Discow [ED BANGER]
40. 2:32:00 Chris Carrier - Flower Of Happiness [DEEPLOMATIC]
41. 2:35:00 ID - ID
42. 2:38:00 New Order - Blue Monday [FACTORY (WARNER MUSIC)]
43. 2:41:00 Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak [KLASSE]
44. 2:42:00 Yazoo - Don't Go (ID Remix) [MUTE]
45. 2:44:00 Satoshi Tomiie - Bassline [NO.19]
w/ Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream [20TH CENTURY]
46. 2:51:00 Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix) [BORDER COMMUNITY]
47. 2:57:00 Felix Da Housecat - Frankie Meets Pauline
48. 3:01:00 Earth People - Dance (Kerri Chandler Centro Fly Mix) [IBADAN]
49. 3:04:00 Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Dance Dub Remix) [COLUMBIA (SONY)]
50. 3:10:00 Tronik Youth - Bell Common Tunnel (Damon Jee Remix) [NEIN]
51. 3:13:00 Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb (Fatboy Slim Remix) [POLYDOR]
52. 3:16:00 Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd - Proper Education [DATA/PRYDA]
53. 3:19:00 The Deepshakerz - Walk In The Sky [CAJUAL]
54. 3:22:00 The Deepshakerz - Baby Doll [CAJUAL]
55. 3:24:00 Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby
56. 3:27:00 3 Winans Brothers ft. The Clark Sisters - Dance (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) [LW]
57. 3:30:00 Isaac Hayes - I Can't Turn Around (Ron Hardy Edit) [CONCORD]

Progressive House is actually in continuum with classical music.

Post punk is simply in continuum with punk music before it. Or baroque. / / / / 

I will never leave.

For me personally, I guess you could say, and all of us can say, for that matter, any theory is diametrically opposed to the subject matter. This means it cannot exactly fit. The philosophical conundrum behind continuum and comparison plagued philosophers and historians for decades; pick up a TV show from Michael Portillo, for instance, and you can see just how [indirectly] his attire doesn't fit with the history being presented.

The issue we are really having here, is not whether anything is fit to be anything - classical, prog house, both could be equally valid. But even on different days, this is about the difference between history and "art history". Art history is modern history, a specific type of understanding that tries to create new lenses for old images of history itself.

And that's a dangerous thing, isn't it? Just look at, on a light note, how many people protested or abhorred Banksy's attempts at impressionist art. Then, on a heavier note, look what the real protesters did as artistic statement - or rather all they could manage - they rioted in the streets, sloganeered, and tore memorial statues down.

The price we are paying for modern history being taught in schools over regular history is as much as an ADHD sufferer can throw at it. It was well documented most kids of my generation - boomer to millenial - found traditional history "very" boring. They kept teaching the same old, same old. There was no black or Chinese/Japanese history. There was no colour; no culture. For that, you'd have to go where I went later - the OU. How does this relate to the theoretical pursuit? Well it's all about perspective, isn't it. There is no perspective on fundamental understanding. Fundamental understanding is built on a primarily subjective basis.

In this nature, it can only really be said fundamental = aka important understanding - is all that truly exists. Objectivity is a distilling of fundamental understanding. Sure you know this, most people do. But I find it good to reason about in this topic, as there's not that much theory in here just yet. We normally stick with stuff like "rip it up and start again", "retromania", "the sex revolts", "energy flash" to quote the titles of four of Simon Rennie Reynolds acclaimed (and in the case of The Sex Revolts from Statto, revolted against) books. Ideological Nazism isn't our thing anyway.

It's fun to talk about and speculate about this stuff, while enjoying great music in an archive format. I hope more people join us. For now, we have progressive house. More interesting than bleep tedium of bleep techno, that's for sure. What was it with bleep techno? I've never understood that. Like Goldie's comment about "not wanting to bounce around like a glowstick-toting knob head in a rave full of mirrors and foam", bleep tedium is bad. In fact, I'd say it is one of the biggest forms of musical torture out there. Crap techno. Only The Black Dog do it well, and successfully. / / / / 

I will never leave.

^^ great post sir!

I like your points about history vs art history. I totally get it. My mother took art history in university years back, just as filler credit. We'd talk about the history she was learning. There's aspects of our parents you don't normally get to see, like my mother's joy in learning about random art history in her classes. We're much too wound up in our own to see what our parents are on about sometimes right? My mother, fulfilling her duties, put up with my "tortured creative" artist emo bullshit forever. Lol. Not cool. It was dumb - as we can all attest to our own disgraces. I was legit, an asshole. But hey, in return, that is parenting. I'm grateful. I can still mope sometimes, but not so much. I stopped being an asshole.

I talk about funk a lot. My earliest encounters with dance / pop music shaped much of me now - beats, beats, beats. In the same way as i LOVE 80's freestyle music, body movement has always been key when dissecting music. Dj's dont dance they say, but I threw down. Maaan. Anything funky that gets the body moving, rules my impetus. Disco, funk within (pre)punk or post has often been overlooked for the confrontation, politics, and imagery. In actuality, dancing is innocent. Why complicate it? Bug the fuck out. It has always been a meeting of cultures, perspectives, and of course, subcultures, from hip-hop onwards - which once again, had a post-punk angle as well, disco, funk, dub root, etc. Drum machines changed the world. Bass continues to defines us. Bleeps? Mere trimmings to the meal.

This Bluetech (San Diego, CA) stuff is really good.

Listening as I post. Smile

Bliss Inc. is fantastic.


Can we talk about Steve Hillage? Faves.. thoughts, experiences?

the basslines in "Talking To The Sun - [MadDisco Edit]" is some of the illist. No tabs of acid needed. Severely implied tho.

I've mentioned how much my 6 uncles influenced my music introductions as an extremely young lad. From reggae, metal, punk, my first time hearing Love and Rockets, and more, all found rifling through their vinyl and cassette collections.

One of my uncles had early Duran Duran on vinyl. I stole the lp. True story. I was mesmerized by the disco basslines.

I had a convo about John Taylor once. My premise is that for a then, late 70's era, punk kid who reportedly taught himself how to play bass by mimicking disco records, he easily could have been in any funky, post-punkish band of the day circa early 80's. He really is a great bass player. I give him props.


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