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Music Festivals 2017

I am as guilty as the next man bc I am not going to any, but I've read an interesting article in the newspaper recently regarding the decline of Music Festivals. Compared with the situation 10 years ago they came to the following conclusions: 50% visitors today compared with the 2000s, age average today 33, in the 2000s it was 27, and overall 50% less festivals being held.

Seems like another way for musicians to make money (meaing playing live) finally coming to an end.

Anybody of the subvert last mohicans going to any?
Music critic for the Tally Ho

No. Music festivals suck.

Out here there's a lot of smaller festivals kicking off, seems to be a thing. Mixing genres on bills, etc. The "edm" draw is what keeps the kids interested, but throw in a myriad of genres as well and some of the gigs seem really diverse. My cousin is in NYC this weekend for Panorama Festival Similar styled events are popping up in Canada as of late too. Exclaim! Magazine always does a seasonal, May - September (ish) yearly round up of music festivals going on in Canada, lots to chose from, and I know of people who will travel to different cities to check things out, or go to the US for events. If you have the time, and the funds.. why not? My same cousin is going to Creamfields in the UK next month too.. he's an only child, $$ is not a problem apparently, as both parents make lots of $$, dude travels a lot. I might be jealous that he's in NYC this week, but... If you can work it, & have the time to travel, why not?

I want to check out AfroPunk Fest in Brooklyn some year soon, , I'd go to that.. also Fest in Florida for punk/hc seems to be fun, which I've never been. The thought of Florida freaks me out enough, but to go see a small town invaded by punk & hc fanatics, I'd be down. Smile

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