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I have not fought for 15 years in casino venues. I do and did not consider those wins and losses as pro fights.
The loss thing inside the ring can be weird. You knock down 3 people out of 6 and they could outpoint you narrowly.
But I am not fussed whether I win or lose. Anthony Joshua later on lost in America due to money/big drama show.
Much of the record making is to jump start people's careers. Make bigger fights. Make rematches. Mong fest.
Not that monging is a bad thing. But boxing is hardly rocket science. The football crossover is biggest now.
I have a worry that boxing's sweet science will dilute so much due to poor opinions of punch drunk types.
A lot of boxers on Twitter, they have never properly grown up. They don't know what being truly humble is like.
Andy Ruiz might fool the masses with his "I'm so humble" bravura, but those Snickers bars did get eaten somehow.
Thoughtless or wind up merchants on the internet thinks Joshua talks in riddles, when really they are just dumb.
You'll see on Saturday night that anything can happen in boxing, like nobody but few gave Andy a hope in hell match one.
It's all very exciting, with Hrgovic Hunter Little and Whyte expected undercard winners. / / / / 

I will never leave.


Utterly dazzling. So dazzling that I have not been able to watch past round two until now. I saw the first and last round back to back first time.
Seeing the whole, stretched-out American Dream is just vicious and intense, like an insane serpent from a Tower of Babel, Magic The Gathering et al.
Utter poison fists throughout, wrenching arms, juddering piston punches, you name it, this fight (Fury Wilder II) has it.

Yet Wilder still had to act uppity afterwards about his 40lb clown suit, yet wears the same weight training and didn't have to enter with it on.

This fight is a Hall Of Fame fight, no question about it. Two all-timers of the modern age, basically the most consistent heavyweights after the Klitschko brothers, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Anthony Joshua of the heavyweight division. "It was Beyonce Milder" this time someone on there jokes. Deontay Wilder was actually in better shape than the first fight, even greater capable to cleaving TF's head sideways. He was fighting completely on the back foot this time though, and TF was just not going to let him take control. I'm glad too - guy's a evil temperament, he had something wrong with his head prior to getting put in his place. He's been KOd before of course, in the Olympics by someone 7 inches shorter than him, but this time he should rebuild the right way; he got his comeuppance in the end; paper champions, however good or skilled cannot run and duck forever.

Wilder did this with Wladimir Klitschko, Alexander Povetkin when WBA champion, Dillian Whyte for over 900 days denying him a shot up to Fury and Ortiz back to back; turned down 120million "done deal" with Anthony Joshua which dragged on forever. He also has one of the most poisonous tongues known to man, constantly talking shit about boxers in the press, on Twitter, pseudo-intimidating them, impersonating the "you're gonna get raped" man from back in the day on the internet. And having the stupidity to say "I want a body on my record". As my mate The Dangerous Poet would say, "cut the shit, go get raped; well and truly poetry slammed - I drink, therefore I am! And on the final bell I die, uh, u, DIE, die, and go to hell, I would swear I wouldn't make amends...I'll tell you my level, I'll get shit-faced with the Devil, he's the barman! To my family and friends, this Snakebite goes to you, mine's a Guinness, go join the queue, you're all DOOMED! DOOMED doomed d_oomed. Do you really give a damn. Let's hear those glasses clink. Bottoms up, enjoy your drink, I drink therefore - I - am...shortstuff, thank you very much [applause]"

It's just a shame because I love the guy, but he's a headtrip to listen to like Eminem. He's the kinda dude who comes out with all the things that a black Rasta of the Bob Marley variety would...ultimately the penny's dropped, but he's too busy counting pennies to smoke weed with.

Anywhere where was I. Great fight. The best I've seen all year.

Now it is time for me to get very, VERY, DRUNK.



Poor Wilder Hugs

Xerx4 / / / / 

I will never leave.

Tony Ferguson vs Anthony Pettis - good first round from both. Both show heart and good defense under pressure.
Ferguson pushes forward; Pettis wildly rallies back. At many points you feel the parting shot could come between the two.
Into round two, will be interesting to see which strikes and adaptations Pettis uses in his attack, or if he really gasses.
At the same time, Tony took a few heavy contact shots, so interesting to see how his endurance and composure holds up.
Continue the full stream with me here: / / / / 

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Manny Pacquiao versus Adrien Broner - the highlights and commentary wrap by Reemus Boxing

A YT vid, a good vid also. Manny is one of my favourite multi weight champions, this fight shows Broner just runs away from him instead of sticking and moving. You cannot do that against Manny and expect a win; Jeff Horn beat him because even though Horn got knocked down, he kept slugging with him. Manny is a technical slugger, a dog-fighter. Unlike his lightweight counterpart Vasyl Lomachenko he tries to make every shot count, and relies much more on forward propulsion than angles. Like a little Duracell Bunny in there.
There is also no sorcerer-lite argument for Broner winning that fight, because even if there were things going on, or the film got spliced, Manny fair and square won more rounds. / / / / 

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Who won: Shawn Porter or Danny Garcia? / / / / 

I will never leave.

#56 / / / / 

I will never leave.

Watched: Ramirez v Taylor highlights, Donaire v Suarez, Frampton v Donaire

Top notch. / / / / 

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AJ vs Usyk: technical not critical. AJ didn't land the critical shots; Usyk was technical until round twelve.
Usyk made the match work in his favour because of ring generalship, command of the centre square.
AJ had never looked so lost for ideas. He did well, sure, but also showed a lack of emphasis besides dieting.
Being a weightlifter likely drummed that out of him. AJ said training was hard; Usyk worked between the bars.
Like AJ's grime favourite, Stormzy, there were many things to admire from both fighters, regardless of result.
However, on Saturday night, they both underperformed. Very symbolic of the venue, Tottenham Hotspur stadium.
All while, the strengths and weaknesses of both outlined a second fight is interesting in an otherwise medi-ochre division. / / / / 

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