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The Selected Ambient by Aphex on that link up there leading to Bandcamp, I don't remember hearing half of this the same way, it's really grabbing me late at night, a solid listen.

(17th September 2018, 19:37)Spectraz Wrote: RQ - Solid Ground LP

Wanderwelle - Gathering of the Ancient Spirits

That RQ album will be huge, judging by the sampler EP. Perhaps one of the albums of the year.
Too bad that it won't come out on CD though

(13th June 2018, 10:25)Euphony Wrote:


Down to the last 20 or so copies now Smile

[Image: 2nkp4w3.jpg]
[Image: 307sv91.jpg]

I got some other RQ stuff off ASC from the Auxiliary archives, going to listen through to that this week.
As ever, I remember no names or titles.

*) Soul Intent - The Tide EP - This is actually great current Techstep Smile , produced by peeps who used to post here also in the past.

*) This is a great two-tracker, dubby and heavy Badger - the vinyl is still available on redeye

*) Italian Prodicer Lynch Kingsley doing some good stuff here:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Maarja Nuut & Ruum - Muunduja
Neofolk, experimental electronica.

Dillinja - Luscious Nights / Hoes & Tricks - DAT010

JKF09 - The Trip Remastered

REC20 - Six Days Remixes

Marc Mac - All Power To The People

Justice & Metro - In The Beginning - MJAZZ

Nucleus & Paradox - Volantis / Electropia - Esoteric

Rare Feel EP - Next Phase Records

Bay B Kane - Spandangle Selection Volume 4

Adam F - Hold Tight / Mystic Dreams - INFRALTD006

ASC - The Outer Limits - Auxiliary

(12th July 2018, 07:59)Spectraz Wrote: Bizzy B - ATS DAT


Wow, so he's finally found the master for Merder Style?
All the other releases of it are vinyl rips

Hmm sounds like it's been lifted from compact cassette though Lol
- The Lazerdrome Memorial Page -

Eusebeia EP on Literature recordings:

His previous releases on Rebellion Electronics and Repertoire also need to be mentioned there.

Tech Itch - Death Trip 95 / A Far Place - DAT011

Breed14 - Dj Jedi Vs Cru-l-t - The Jedi Mind Tricks EP

K3Bee - Bristle EP - NPRD004

Peshay - Angels & Demons / Momentum / Sonix / Galaxy - INFRA LTD 007

Jonny L started a digital only label in 2015 called 23:22 - he released a few bits since then, among the follwoing (a few months old), I think it's great:

Music critic for the Tally Ho

Ibiza Records

Om Unit X Kid Drama - Untitled Works EP - Apollo Records

Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1995

MAC-V - Paradigm Twist

Ulwhednar - Razor Mesh Fencing - Northern Electronics

Method One - Stomping Grounds EP - Suicide099

Dom & Roland - Hydrolicks / Resistance (2019 Master)

Justice - Fresh Information - Modern urban Jazz

DAT012 - Babylon Cru - Press Up Amen Mix / Press Up Dub Mix

DAT013 - Nut Nut - You Can Do It / Back In The Days

El Jazzy Chavo - Echoes From Another Cosmogony

Illuvia - Milla - Hypnus Records

Dom & Roland - Mechanics (2019 Remaster)

Purl - Poems LP

Mikael Lind - Contingencies

Nico vs Scanner - Oscillations / Low Membrane Remixes

Neotech - Valves / Terminal (2019 Master)
(Moving Shadow mid 90's)

Indigo Virus - Pressure EP

Simon Bassline Smith - Oh Yeah / Girls / Midnite - DAT014

J Majik - Full Circle LP - INFRA LTD LP1

Response & Pliskin - Stolen Keys / Running Through - RuptureLDN

Resound - The Unheard Anthology - Part 1

Dead Man's Chest & Posse - SNKR018

Various Artists - Full Repertoire Vol. 2

Nucleus & Paradox - Love Her Remix / Dilletantes Remix - Esoteric

Mirage - No Tomorrow (2019 Remix/Remaster) - Odysee Recordings

Nebula - Visual Disturbance (Amen Remix), K. Francis, Maze, and Black Semi Squares

(26th April 2019, 20:46)Spectraz Wrote: J Majik - Full Circle LP - INFRA LTD LP1

decent throwback stuff, but £40 is silly money

The J Majik album sounds fresh and it has a decent aesthetic and relation to the sound that emerged in the mid nineties. The price aside, In my opinion, as an album and concept it holds up.

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