Marsheaux - Get The Balance Right (techno)

"The great outdoors" is the best tune
Its on Spotify this EP...lovingly crafted.
That track no vocals; vocals starting.
Quality tuneage! On Undo Records label.
I cant even think of anything i dont like.
Label has a BF sale just gone.

Sorry btw for my need of meds schizoid.
Changes my whole mood depending time. 
Statto Annastay and Torment know this. 
But if yr a visitor remember i can toxify. 

Anyway enjoy the reco...

Speak later

What's floating your boat this afternoon, cuddly one?
"A Broken Frame 2CD" is a great record. Intoxicating.

Muttley they sounded great! The vibe reminds me of The Pet Shop Boys and New Order (or is it Depeche Mode I mean?)

Thanks for the comments. This is not my work. Depeche Mode is a apt reference because at least one of the "A Broken Frame" discs is Depeche Mode instrumentals.

So if you can't take vocals on electronica, it's a good one-stop hit of E-numbers.

I'm listening to a few more (now released years later with proper female vocal dubbing)

These tunes and artists related: Jethro Heston feat. Powerdress - You Can't Beat Love (You Can) / Feel Good
Carl Booth - Soul Jacker EP (Two original mixes).
I downloaded another set of disco mixes from yore off, the legal subscription site (like eMusic for DJs) but it's disco by Lenny Fontana (of "Spread Love" London Elektricity remix-age), not like Marsheaux....which is Detroit house and techno influenced.

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