some photek interviews from Modus Operandi period

I've always been intrigued by the beats photek was making in the 1996-97 period, so I've tried to collect any interviews I could find with info on the process he was using.

I thought I'd post the pdf's here. If you have any not listed here let me know!

muzik (7/1995)

DJMag (1996)

the wire (5/1996)

muzik (6/1996)

future music (7/1996)

the mix (1997)

the wire (5/1997)

muzik (10/1997)

keyboard mag (11/1997)

disquiet (1998 )

barcode (2008 )

future music (2/2011)

fact (3/2011)

fact (7/2012) part 1
fact (7/2012) part 2

nice one Twothumbs

nice one indeed,. I've likely read the contents of them all in one way or another, although I might revisit this thread in another ten years when i'm 39, so putting a photekian muttleymarked on it for now.

Thanks for compiling this. Greatly appreciated!
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