OLA subverts.'s that time again. End of year approaching. A year of buffoonery in politics, spoon-bendery in genreification, and verifying the point of writing for this site in the wake of huge microblogging. 

I've had a nice fight for me and I love you very much. Predictive text helps my mind speaking a monologue like the disabled donut I am. 

Without further ado. Here are some starter categories for you to peruse in your roundup.
Free to join in. Just post in the thread here. Then, I'll sort out a properly had sleep blogpost. 

2018 - EOYRE (End of year registry entries)
Favourite track:
Favourite album:
Favourite mixtape:
Favourite book:
Favourite random moment:
Favourite film:
Favourite food or snax:
Favourite gig:
Favourite forum thread:
Favourite radio:
Favourite website:

Track of 2018 for me personally is Florence ATM - Hunger.
Album of 2018 has to be FATM - High As Hope. Album of mine is Tapas Mosaic.

Mixtape of 2018: Dredge - Late Night Tales.

Random moment of the year: visiting Costa Del Sol, Spain. Brilliant 1 month long rest. Many delicious meals walks and good days out. But for some reason we weren't overtly bowleeeed over by Nerja, Almeria...well, read more in Freeze Dry when it's published by Just Fiction. Fiction, if it ever is. Spanish restaurant of 2018 is Miguel's Tapas Bar, Competa. Morcilla sausages with pineapple and honey. Yummy. And Snow Patrol played for us the next visit. Grin

Favourite book is the memoir set in fictional reality that I just finished the manuscript draft. "Freeze Dry" is a novel about internal disorientation. There are 17 pages of short story, 7 pages of dementia patient poems, 17 pages of alternate reality extension, and a 1 page eulogy. That's the idea, and there are many offshoot publications in the crime genre based around this identifying fantasia.

I did not go to any straight gigs this year. Instead, I went to swanky restaurants. That said, what's a gig? I saw and heard two really good nights of DJing at The Beehive before disco start in Carterton. One night was a house and club music night in lieu of Ashley DJ Smasher Sturges. The second gig was very alternative, a Ryoji Ikeda ambient set playing drones underneath the ambience of AJ vs Povetkin.

Favourite radio is Spotify radio. Followed by Radio 3, with mild white noise or not. Related is mantra of the year, 21st October 2018:

Sorry for the middle of night cal. Just felt like I'd died. Really, terrifying dream. Listened to music therapy very low volume until 12pm midnight. Then i thought the music was too much so i turned all the electronics off.

Next thing the plug bracket had fallen down in the dark 5 minutes later and i had a spiteful nightmare after that.

Glass smashing noisy, heart attack special reverberation like the door was being kicked down. Shouting voices incoherent and synchronising with what I might do. Blacks and whites glaring at me angrily through a big window.

Really angry at myself for being terrified by it. It's a tale for the book. I honestly thought i was about to be bounty killed.

Paranoid android. Watching boxing might be entertaining at 11pm and especially high on cocoa. But heavens opened. Heavens above...I had to ask for help from Annastay. She's my big God. Even if I cannot see her again. Only I have. I will always love her.

My top thread, if this thread picks up, is this one here. Highlights of the year, innit! There's no substitute.

Favourite website:
For the FATM and BOC and Digitakt groups.

Fatm is florence super fan club.
Boc is boards of canada group.
Digitakt is for the digitakt elektron technology.

I've also enjoyed the Kid Moxie and St Vincent groups.
Bojack friends club has too much of the time before it.

As usual, everyone else has better things to do, leaving Eoyre in his gloomy place.

It's early doors yet, still two months to think about it


Contenders for track of the year...

GOAT - Let It Burn (Bandcamp)
Spiritualized- Lord Can You Hear Me Now
Ebony Dubsters - Warning (J Majik remix)
Azure Ray - Palindrome
Aphex Twin - first track off "Collapsed"
Daughter - Smother (i wouldn't bother with later stuff)
Beauty in chaos - 20th Century Boy
Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling
Annastay- Process
FL- Bohlen Pierce
Little Red - Absentee
ASC- Colour Tones track 2
Bjork- track 1 off the 2018 public sector CD
Grouper - Headache
John Carpenter- Michael Kills
Aaron Martin - A Touch Dissolves, whole mix
Jasper TX - Rivers Flow
The Turtles - Happy Together
Alexa Spa Music Skill - Generative Spa Music Loop
Brian Eno - Reflection 60 Minute Piece
Klute - Hell Hath No Fury (2004)
Fanu - Whack Lack Vol.3

Lyric of the year from fellow femme Steve Strange:

"See the signs and rip them down / you need to get your feet back on the ground / before you awaken".

I cant identify

Dnb producer of 2018: Kid Lib

Just search on for audio

Gay icon of the year: I'll fill you in later.
Trans musician of 2018: Chris(tine) and the Queens.

Aftershave 2018: Brut splash on lotion
Aerosol 2018: Dove antiperspirant

Riddle 2018: finding a fellow nerdy extrovert with mental illness to be such good company, I end up hating on him.

Pokemon 2018: Guzzlord. Eater of everything ultra beast.
Pokemon riddle: being rescued by a Dragonite.
Fave Pokemon Full Deck: Zeroara-GX


Indian restaurant of 2018: Dovecote Spice
Local restaurant of 2018: The Plough
Pub of 2018: The Golden Eagle
Drink of 2018: Dandelion & Burdock
Mixer of 2018: Indian Summer substitute
Cocktail of 2018: Purple Rain
Menu of 2018; The Beehive Carterton
Music store 2018: Rapture Witney. For the Mogwai stock.

beats are there to be broken

Ambient album of 2018: Asip - Full Circle vinyl.

Competition from

The Synthetic Awakening - Drones 2018
Ishqamatics - Elements 9CD / DL

Favourite one liner of 2018: Youtube commenters are always wrong.

Top 5 LPs of my year, besides my Flo favourite...

1. John Carpenter- Halloween OST CD
2. Beauty In Chaos- Finding Beauty In Chaos DL
3. Spiritualized - Fucked Up Inside press DL
4. Christine & The Queens- Chaleur Humaine CD
5. Paul Weller- True Meanings CD

Gd morn freund.
Music playlisting for wooly today...

VA-Acid House Anthems CD1 of 3CD compilation.

Released in 2013, this 1988 era retrospective is full of the finest ecstacy inducing acid, the style that took the rave generation by storm since 1990 proper.

Damien Rice- O

Found in a Swanley charity shop. Cathartic folk with an art ambient edge. Never broke the deadlock of the mainstream, it's deep dark stuff.

Chad Valley - Young Hunger

Gay as I like vaporwave ish pop music with a decent use of autotune. Autotune is employed as a frequency modulator rather than a spectrum analyser type of thing. One of my hospital scripted projects developed by Jonquil's Hugo Manuel. I thunk.

Path Optimist -Deceptive Truths LP

One of mine that I remember consciously making, but only just...on my 220 quid Korg Triton. Layers of motorik rhythms and cloudy mixolydian sticking in modal arrangement.

Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker

When I was suicidal pre-asylum I wrote in the Pheonix the poem "You Want It Darker (We Kill The Flame)" as a reference to the idea my sister's place had been burnt down or was on the verge of collapse. The metaphor continues throughout the adapted lyrics sung by Leonard, on to me his best album.

Marina And The Diamonds- The Family Jewels

I adore her voice and the way this pop star transforms lyrics. "Electra Heart (Deluxe) CD" is one of my favourite pop albums of the last ten years. Amazing artist.

L Double -Ten Years Of Flex (Industries)

Fast soul music. Enough said. Thanks Neil Monteiro for this CD.

And round off, Mike Paradinas and Richard D James (Aphex Twin) - Expert Knob Twiddlers

Quality electronica nuggets from two of the horticulturalists of the Warp Records style.

All music available on my Spotify subscription, so get stuck in! Love, Michael Muttley SubVersion.

Favourite kickboxing fight 2018:
Scott Summers Vs Aidan Claridge (Vimeo)
Favourite MMA bout 2018:
Daniel Cormier Vs Stipe Miocic (YouTube)
Favourite ringcraft 2018:
Terence Crawford Vs Jeff Horn (YouTube/BoxNation)
Favourite fight put up: Alexander Povetkin
Best conditioning: Joseph Parker Vs Anthony Joshua
Best boxing commentator: Steve Bunce
Best boxing victory: Tyson Fury against Deontay Wilder.

Favourite playlist:
Beehive Muttley Spotify Playlist

Mobile game 2018: Pokemon GO
Audio editor app 2018: DRC
Disabled app of choice: Alexa technology works well

Best mixtape made completely by someone else... cygn - centre of thousand forces

Thank you, my friend, for this mix sent down from the angels above.

Best compilation: Welcome To The Club 2CD
Best compendium: Ishqamatics - Elements 9CD.

Most peaceful album of 2018: Eternell - Various Albums

The one that piqued me to report was on Sound In Silence.

But throughout the year Eternell has offered a selection of super deep nuggets that are always peaceful, so soporific and so cleansing.

Favourite local magazine 2018: Nightshift

For the Moogieman And The Masochists Xmas cover issue, featuring Lina Simon as Top Tracks in the Demos pile.

Favourite international source: The Wire
I don't buy the zine any longer. However eventually I'll digitally re-subscribe. Excellent recommendations coming from Stattos "buying one record in The Wire each month" thread.
Favourite spoken word source: Audible app
Favourite Audible ebook: Lee Child - 61 Hours (JFE)
Favourite impartial advice electronically: Money, by Rob Moore.

Favourite MixCloud DJ: DJ Ren (Hungary)
Favourite Muttley MixCloud DJ set: Happiness Is Natural.

Most cohesive Foci Left label series: Ultrawerld 1-3
Favourite label series: the projects William Ryan Fritch and Harry Towell run with Lost Tribe Sound and Whitelab Recs, respectively.

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