OLA subverts.'s that time again. End of year approaching. A year of buffoonery in politics, spoon-bendery in genreification, and verifying the point of writing for this site in the wake of huge microblogging. 

I've had a nice fight for me and I love you very much. Predictive text helps my mind speaking a monologue like the disabled donut I am. 

Without further ado. Here are some starter categories for you to peruse in your roundup.
Free to join in. Just post in the thread here. Then, I'll sort out a properly had sleep blogpost. 

2018 - EOYRE (End of year registry entries)
Favourite track:
Favourite album:
Favourite mixtape:
Favourite book:
Favourite random moment:
Favourite film:
Favourite food or snax:
Favourite gig:
Favourite forum thread:
Favourite radio:
Favourite website:

Track of 2018 for me personally is Florence ATM - Hunger.
Album of 2018 has to be FATM - High As Hope. Album of mine is Tapas Mosaic.

Mixtape of 2018: Dredge - Late Night Unofficial Tales.

Random moment of the year was visiting Costa Del Sol, Spain. Brilliant 1 month long rest, with many delicious meals walks and good days out. But for some reason ...well, read more in Freeze Dry when it's published by Just Fiction, if it ever is.

Favourite book is the memoir set in fictional reality that I just finished the manuscript draft. "Freeze Dry" is a novel about internal disorientation.

I did not go to many straight gigs this year. Instead, I went to swanky restaurants. That said, what's a gig? I saw and heard two really good nights of DJing at The Beehive before disco start in Carterton. One night was a house and club music night in lieu of Ashley DJ Smasher Sturges. The second gig was very alternative, a Ryoji Ikeda ambient set playing drones underneath the ambience of AJ vs Povetkin.

Favourite radio is Spotify radio. Followed by Radio 3, with mild white noise or not. Related is mantra of the year, 21st October 2018:
Sorry for the middle of night call but i just felt like I'd died. Really, terrifying dream. Listened to music therapy very low volume until 12pm midnight. Then i thought the music was too much so i turned all the electronics off.
Next thing the plug bracket had fell down in the dark and i had a spiteful nightmare. Glass smashing noisy, heart attack special reverberation like the door was being kicked down. Shouting voices incoherent and synchronising with what I might do. Really angry at myself for being terrified by it. It's a tale for the book. I honestly thought i was about to be bounty killed.
Paranoid android. Watching boxing might be entertaining at 11pm and especially high on cocoa. But heavens opened. Heavens above...I had to ask for help from Annastay. She's my big God. Even if I cannot see her again.

My top thread, if this thread picks up, is this one here. Highlights of the year, innit! There's no substitute.

Favourite website:
For the FATM and BOC and Digitakt groups.

As usual, everyone else has better things to do, leaving Eoyre in his gloomy place.

It's early doors yet, still two months to think about it


Contenders for track of the year...

GOAT - Let It Burn (Bandcamp)
Spiritualized- Lord Can You Hear Me Now
Ebony Dubsters - Warning (J Majik remix)

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