Ola, como estas? 
No it's just an update. 
My demons are stopping me going out today. As well as the shit weather, which gave me all my grief last night. 
Don't worry neighbours, I wasnot moaning about you and any noise youmay or don't make. 
The torrential rain made me want to slit my throat. Don't worry anyone, I'm better than that.  

Ideally I wanted to go to shop to buy snax, then Bridewell Organic Gardens travel, which is my...

Favourite outside "green place".
Favourite inside "green place": my alpine green walled kitchen. 
Favourite contained "green place": my Steve Roach frequencies on Alexa and in Squatchlair. 

Talking of food in more detail...

Favourite greens: Chili plant leaves. I actually enjoy these more than the chilies everyday. It's like eating curry leaves, bay leaves, banana leaves et al, and they're perfectly edible.

True story! Look on Google if you don't believe me. I have 3 delicious plants of varying leaf ages. I got into it after one of my plants stopped growth.

Favourite plant: The Medina one on Instagram.

Statto's 2018 list:

Favourite track: — Serena Butler - And With Fire Came Disparity (feat. Emma Watson)
Favourite album: — Angélique Kidjo - Remain in Light
Favourite mixtape: — Mumdance - Shared Meanings –
Favourite book: — Trans Britain: Our Journey from the Shadows - Christine Burns (editor)
Favourite random moment: — meeting Georgina Beyer at famous relative's house
Favourite TV: — Wanderlust (BBC1) - can't do films because I never go to the cinema
Favourite food or snax: — Sainsbury's All Butter Sultana Cookies
Favourite gig: — Acid Mothers Temple @ Nottingham Metronome, November 2018
Favourite forum thread: — #30 Day Song Challenge –
Favourite radio: — Radio 5 Live - because it's the only radio I listen to nowadays
Favourite website: — - my own chess blog

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow

Yes.. got your message. Smile list is in the works. Cool?

Favourite steep climb: Castillo de la Santa Barbara
Favourite flat walk: my local streets

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to rip society a new arsehole. Mind the gap.

Maybe it is about now that the bookworms will come to the aid of this memoir.


Best SC Thread: Those EBM and Punk-threads by Torment - incredibly dedicated!
Best Album: OneMind presents OneMind (Metalheadz)
Fav Book: The Bible
Fav Film: Helloween 2018
Fav Label: Euphony's Omni Music
Fav SC-Person: Statto - the Alpha and Omega of Subvert Central Badger
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Hmm for now:
Favourite track: Artificial memories - Kloke -
Favourite album: Kev Brown - Homework
Favourite mixtape: DJProblemChild-AmenJungleDrumAndBassVol15
Favourite book: Goldie - All Things Remembered
Favourite food or snax: Korean Dak Galbi
Favourite gig: Technicality / Rupture / Headz can't pick lol
Favourite radio:
Favourite website:

Thanks all

Favourite reworks: Michael Price - Diary Reworks (8, Spotify stream)

Favourite hauntological experience: Everything At The End Of Time, by Leyland Kirby.

The concept of having your mind blown by good experience is not a new one.

And neither is dementia. I'm too young to have that, but I do feel for my members of the family who suffer dementia.

However, this year at thirty years old, I feel completely in my prime, and have no regrets.

I've had an amazing life. Shaped and helped by longstanding close family carers, as well as people who have become dear friendship enablers.

Thank you so much for your help. I genuinely appreciated the time before it.

And in this chronological diopsy of criticism and success, I'd like to mention an acquaintances music, Ags Connolly, on Spotify. The country albums "How About Now" and "Nothin' Unexpected" fill me with nostalgic joy.

So that's my nostalgia artist of the year.

2018 has expired.

Shall we proceed?  

The list: 

Once again as a repeat opener, FAVE ever (e)revolving TOP Descendents / ALL song that makes you want to SING YOUR LUNGS OUT TO while the world *continues* to implode (ugh) on its T*ump twitter posting, facking impending doom  - for this week.. "Cameage" (1987)

Fave 2018 SC thread - Eomac - Reconnect Lp (Eotrax) - April 2018

Top 2018 producer that makes every other attempt look simple & lazy - Author & Punisher 

Top 2018 Kas:st release - they're all great to be honest. I was shocked at the brilliance of "Astral Talk"

Top 2018 joints that almost make you want to dj dnb  again - none, ^^ "Astral Talk" is an exception.
Top 2018 joints that make you want to dj again in general -
And most things I've posted in the SC Electronic Body Music thread  Wink

Top 9 regular SC posters - wait.. Isn't there only like, six-ish now??  Happywave  Hugs Grouphug

Top 2018 things I don't give a shit about - lifestyle  technologies.. seriously, I DON'T CARE anymore. I don't need a wrist watch that can take x-rays, sync my body temperature with the stock markets, & 3D print instagram meal pics.  Ya know?  Fuck it. ALL of it.  

Top 2018 free bandcamp compilation - Various Artists - RAW Compilation  First Blood Parts 1 - 5

2018 comeback of the Year - Brett Kavanaugh.... seriously. WTF. Willynilly

2018 Top blackened doom, blackened sludge metal release  - there's a few.. I have a penchant for slow & heavy. I seem to have a huge SC thread inclusive of the topic - Body Void "I Live Inside a Burning House" lp is an excellent place to start  \m/

Top 2018 most prolific releases I'm truly greatful for - THOU's 2018 releases in their entirety

Top 2018 youtube channel music channel - HATE

Top 2018 Speedy J moment - discovering sir Jochem Paap has a youtube channel and an entirely NEW, raw, collaborative techno label project going on called Stoor

Fave moment off Speedy J's, 2000 "A Shocking Hobby" lp - all of it. "Borax" still rips us all a new one.

2018 Top ethereal breakbeat tune of the Year - Lanark Artefax "Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness mix)

2018 Beatdown hardcore concussion of the year - Harm's Way "Posthuman" lp

Top 2018 crossover NY hardcore pillage of the year - Mindforce   <<< fantastic!

Fave dj's most listened to on the regular - Paula Temple, Rebekah, Current Value, Alix Perez, Traum Prinz/Dj Healer/Prime Minister of Doom, etc, I Hate Models, Laurel Halo

Most anticipated 2019 release as I post - American Football "Lp3"

Top 1995 Amfibian deep tech house release -

Top 1995 Tyler Stadius deep house mixtape - "In Orbit"  

When I think of 2018, I fondly think of The Alchemist.

Worst 2018 inexcusable face tattoo disaster - THERE ARE MANY, but Tekashi69 seems to have it on lock, innit? 

Worst 2018 inescapable human bodily function reality - foot odor.  Seriously. WTF? I've even bought one of those shoe sprays for the first time last month. Pukekiss

Top prog punk Descendents / ALL song I listened to while making this list - "Schizophrenia" (1987)

I ate a lot of pizza in 2018. 



Because Torments list includes external hyperlinks, and that I'm lazy, Muttley crew will link to this likeably complex thread on the blog, with maximum of 3 para.

Favourite track: Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
Favourite album: Martyn - Voids
Favourite mixtape: The Architects #005: Aquasky mixed by Suburban Architecture
Favourite book: Trevor Noah - Born a Crime
Favourite random moment: unusually warm summer
Favourite film: -
Favourite food or snax:
Favourite gig: DVS1@Moonland Festival
Favourite forum thread: #30 Day Song Challenge
Favourite radio: Radio2 (Estonian)
Favourite website:

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