RELEASE Alpha Omega unearthing the Dubs?!!

Since I dropped FB a long time ago I wouldn't know from (anti)social media, but I regularly still check discogs, and there it is:

Alpha Omega seems to release "Lost Dats" on vinyl on Ako Beatz? Should be great stuff Badger
Music critic for the Tally Ho

I wonder if I have these already


That could very well be the case, Statto. As part of the legendary Colin Lindo CD-R mailouts from back in the glory days of SC Smile
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Sounding good on vinyl, whats your estimations on the production date for these?

I'll give you a listen of these in the week I hope. Thx 4 letin mi kno. Muttleymarked.
Ye i av all dee demos from the cdrs on mainframe pc.
I bked em all up bitd. When i switched to notebooks tableys and Alexa.
I released 2 of dee best Nubian Mindz bits on Foci Left.
Just search
Sorry i cant typ wel cos my mind is so fukd on meds.

(20th November 2018, 09:11)Muttley Wrote: I released 2 of dee best Nubian Mindz bits on Foci Left.
Just search

Loving this!

Meds working well now I can type.
Glad you like those ambi dub demos from Colin.
Mr Lindo remastered them for me.
He wasn't looking to be paid, and neither am I.
All profits from the Mind EP go to MIND.
That's the main UK mental health supporter charity.
I did the terrible artwork for that one too.

These are heavy!!!

Music critic for the Tally Ho

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