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NEWS FL Bandcamp Newsletter, 140919

Hi all,

Today marks a day where for FL and Foci's Left aliases generally, this site's content, at least my own, is periodically on hold. Expect periodic updates, and smaller EP packages.
I simply do not have the storage space conscience (to rape Bandcamp's bandwidth).
I am a 120+ release active label, so in this nature, I am keeping releases to a minimum.

As far as I see it, Bandcamp is the main label that releases my self-managed minisite.
I am only signed up to a handful of others: SoundFjord, Omni Music, Audio Gourmet, Warehouse Decay, all here, and on SC, I let everyone else I know do the talking for me.

For relevance of Subvert Central readers, I'm editing in a few label signees in the past:

Nubian Mindz (Alpha Omega)
Jo Quail
Bruno Bavota
Lab Creation
Greg Haines
Nils Frahm
Peter Van Cooten
Simon Scott (Slowdive)
Seconds Before Awakening

...and so on.

This is a general fan message this time. Some of you have been asking me when new music is out. And some of you have been asking me about shows. The latter is a bit of a dead fish if I'm honest. I really struggle to do it (have the idea of assembling gear, bagging it up, getting a bus or being driven with heavy machinery), to let myself be subconscious (live). I rarely do. Most of my time is spent attempting new chess openings in this wicked little game we call life, because I do love my life, I really do, although anyone who's met me knows my autistic nature is not tantamount to expressing that image. In fact I would go as far to say that most people who spend any time with me realise my learning difficulty.

But this is by the by. You can find new edits of old ideas, and an album of new material, called "Beneficiary Cry", at mine and Jonathan Tait (Subvert Central label) owner's SoundCloud page. It's in the links here, search as it's rude to leech link you to it.

Much love and warmth xoxo
Mick Muttley / / / / 

I will never leave.

....Thee rollin' FL newsletters threadage!

Fan club, howdy. I wanted to ask: what do you want to hear next?

-more live music?
-more studio productions, like albums 1-3, digital in the main?
-more new instruments between these cited influences?
-something wholly other, far reaching, out there whatchamecallit?

I am really not fussed what suggestions I get, but I will take all feedback on board, I am not Schwarzenegger so say what you like, although I will say artistic integrity is paramount to me to not everything may be done. I usually start with a sound nowadays, I have no great concept, I used to "have to" make ideas in my head all the time, store them up per se, but now everything just flows naturally.

That's why I like the live perspective really. But it does not hurt to ask. Also, I get hardly any new subscribers these days - there are about 15 active accounts with 3 label bays for A&R, so I basically have only 15 subscribed fans on here, which is very appreciated, I'm totally niche I know lol. Or maybe just not that good any more??? "he suxxored a long time ago hurr hurr" or something. Nah, I'm not vain, but I do like to cheer my bipolar up.

The lovely thing is I basically do not need to buy any new music these days, I can just stream it all, or download it from PR companies, I get literally six-figure amount wads of musical coin as replacement for actual payments, so that's one fantastic fanatic thing.

AN-d another thing. I should really get out to a party some time soon. There's been some talk of the latest Catfish gig at Fat Lils, Witney, I recommend them, they're like Joe Bonamassa who wrote some very similar lyrics to me on his album "Different Shades Of Blue". Tracks like "Love Ain't A Love Song", "Oh Beautiful" et al, remind me of hospital bed bound catharsis. Catfish are a great band, check Spotify for these artists. They're not the famous band Catfish and The Bottlemen, they're much, much better than that.

Yeah, maybe a Pizza Mic or indiscriminate gig/do at an Oxford haunt - somewhere local.
Anyway people, where were we. It's all on the subject of concentrated exposure, this message. I'll put it on my latest Bandcamp release, which is not necessarily the last one I produced, just the BC cat no. / / / / 

I will never leave.

I like atonal noise Bluesmiley

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