Foci's Left - 2 new releases [Ambient/Chillout]

Hi all followers,

These two musical offerings are examples of what you get when you join my fan club for £15 quid a year. I have 23 followers now, so I'm pleased.
I only do this for a hobby. But I give my self a lot of jobs.

Or - more preferably - you can name your price, and even download them for free. Sign up to the mailing list if you want. I'm happy.

What's on offer? The first BC link is an unofficial 15 minute cut scene Pokémon soundtrack.

The second BC link is a study on Prozac as an antidepressant when paired with Depakote and Solian.

I hope you can enjoy something.
Mick Muttley Smile

A freshly-made-up baby piano piece, produced with software synths.
Inspired by line drawings and painting in the parallel parking idiom of Bridget Riley impressionism and exactitude. And "Lassitude", Lawrence English newest album.

The title arises from the piano bogeymen and how they used to leave their rags and souls at the piano; this is comparatively digital, but the same philosophy applies.
I also got inspired listening to cook Rick Stein and his Monkfish & Rice Spanish dish, a take on Paella without all the trimmings, the trimmings unnecessary here too.

In this versioning of the previous track, I attempt to fuse acoustic keys to the baby piano elements.

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