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Distant Dancefloors: COVID-19 and the Electronic Music Industry [Documentary]


Interesting takeaway via Honey Dijon in the doc, with her statements on livestream dj sets as current options starting at 14:23 mins

" .. for me, I just come from a time when clubbing was cultural, and I feel a lot of streaming is just entertainment.."

I have not watched the doc, but thanks for posting this.

Well? Initially, my views are of cultural reversal. I never liked "real life" club culture the older I got. No matter how ugly, unlikable, weird or way out someone is, and of course that's not a good thing, the more vulnerable people were.

I never liked the "culture" elements anyway, internet culture has always been the balance of culture I can actually tolerate. Many of the people who used to hang in clubs were doped up, dangerous, fashionista, scenester, public liability hipster cretins. I was always only there for the music, and hanging around people like that soon got exhausting.

Of course, the so called subvert crew nights were truly fun. You could be yourself there. But now on this forum, and obviously due to Covid too, very few new nights are advertised. Very few of us are probably seeing a point. Best to stay inside and roll the beats, eh? / / / / 

I will never leave.

Honey Dijon is an entire clubbing generation story herself. Which is great to see her highlighted in the doc as such, her perspective is key in an unintentional way, imo. Dijon speaks for the 90's cultural clubbing perspective for sure. Again @ 17:41 mins in the doc, Dijon states".. I always say that what I do is bringing people together through sound.. uplifting them vibrationally (?), spiritually, and sexually.. I sort of hope I'm facilitating a lot of people's self expression and I feel that streaming is limited in that way. You don't feel a kick drum coursing through your body. You don't get to hear music sonically, the way I feel it should be heard.. "

Pre-covid, in recent years, the generational debate was and continues to be social media's substituting and/or promoting alternate interaction and physical, or now virtual culture within music. Which is also heard within the similar debates on physical presentations of big festival, corporate edm events of djing, promoting banning phones & cameras at events as to keep the focus on the intimacy of receiving music in said surroundings, as DVS1 has been talking about in recent years. DVS1 talks about the resistance of a clubbing, raving, dj experience as a rock concert set up with a physical image focused on the dj upon big stages, rather than the music & physical interaction of the audience being key. It takes a viral pandemic to smash every debate here into the current situations, which might be yet too early to see how perspectives will change. Business is business, and I guess that is the point. Popular culture does rely on $$ right?

Coincidentally enough, both DVS1 & Dijon come from US midwest cultural, djing perspectives, where yes, 90's dance music via techno, house, etc, has a very specific directive if you will. Which is clearly still valid for those from the era, and for those still involved in promoting, or producing cultural elements in the same way. For NA generations, we wouldn't be here without it to some degrees.

(3rd September 2020, 09:50)Muttley Wrote: I never liked the "culture" elements anyway, internet culture has always been the balance of culture I can actually tolerate. 

^^ I totally get what you're saying. I can go off on addiction and culture within music, as they do go hand in hand in many instances. Cultures based upon, or facilitated by addiction are never safe spaces for physical health in general. We can further compound that now with yet another viral pandemic affecting us all via covid-19 right? Viral pandemics are lessons in courtesy. It's not that complicated on surface levels. Just remember to sanitize.

As mentioned elsewhere, I'm currently still reevaluating my chosen "career path" as a very, non-essential worker myself. Options are key at this point in time. A virus can change everything, as we've seen.

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