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Your Fave Album / Release Cover Artworks & Artist info [Visuals & stuff]

Old and new, ANY genre.  What did you get out of said artworks? Who produced your fave album / release cover art? Do you create graphics yourself? Inspirations? Did the cover art reflect the musics within? Are graphics still important? Packaging, branding, messaging, via visual, conceptual artistic merit and output, etc. 

History of label artworks, the whole shebang.

Lots to discuss.  GO!

I think a lot of times - especially now, with less and less visits to an actual physical record shop, the only visual cues people have to music releases are via thumbnails. And yes, I still do respond to album or release artwork myself much of the time, even if I may never physically own said release. Whether generic digital album art to more ambitious offerings, I still appreciate it. Perhaps that is something that may never truly die, yet may change in the future given varying attention spans, resources and temporary climates or movements per se.  The history of visual art and music is VAST, and is of course a large part of why we're here.  Mental, emotional, auditory, & visual cues imprint sooo much on us, very much a part of our experiences.  I try not to take it all for granted. I am thankful. Forever, and still reaching for more, of course.

In retrospect, Alan Oldham artwork was complete. Techno, a vision, the experience, the stimuli, the product.. delivered. I collected the releases, still own a few of them.  Very much a bench mark in my own personal memory bank via music visual artists.  I can still bug out to Alan Oldham visual offerings. I'm not even into sci-fi that much, but I got the message for sure.

I don't really care about artwork. I didn't bother with sleeve or label art at all for SC releases. Apart from the stickers which Stacks did Lighter

Nonetheless, I did immediately think of this...


^^ where 's da vid?

Within the past couple of years, really liking the Boone Naka art as featured on the Gulch releases. Boone Naka, local tattoo artist from Vancouver, BC

And yes, Gulch are a continuing fine kick in the hardcore punk nads for sure. The art only adds to the chaos perhaps. Still.. fine appreciation for the images for sure.

[Image: a3450051512_10.jpg]
[Image: a2405824177_10.jpg]

(10th October 2021, 23:13)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: ^^ where 's da vid?

It should be there. I can see it Baffled

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