Birmingham has a saving grace

well apart from me living there....

Marcus Intalex and Bryan G have just been signed as residents for a a club night called Autumn..... and Caibire is Djing here on 20th feb.

i've been saved!!

now all brum needs is some choppage and i'll be a happier man.

And I thought you were going to say that every street has a dedicated Bobby's outlet............
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mate.... i've been checking some of the local retailers on bearwood high street and they have raised the bar in obscure snack availability.

now even being a veteran snack expert i've been shocked by this new found ignorance and early trials of said products have been promising.

another boon is the fact that i have no less than 24 pizza delivery firms within a 1 mile radius. i'll post my initial pizza benchmark reports early feb.

Well Dave, you might be saved there. Can't say much, but I'm probably up there on the 27th Jan if all goes well doing a choppy/dark kinda set. When I know more I'll let you know.

Autumn is the night that spawned out of Procession last year. Got quite a good following from what I hear.

what night are you playing at wilshy mate?

i'll be in tocuh soon about a few other things too... now the move is all sorted i'm back on the case re: gigs and things..

take it easy mang!

Nice one sir.

I know absolutely nothing about the night as yet, but I will do the digging this week. I know it's a Tuesday night, coz I got the 150 mile round trip to make on a school night Wink

Let you know bro. Sounds good about "few other things"!!!

well if you need a sofa to kip on etc...

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