MOTU Digital Performer

Anyone here use it? Opinions? I have a working copy (which is more than cubase is doimng for me at the moment). THe interface looks a little alien but I'm sure I could figure it out. Think it's worth trying?


i used to use it from version 2.5 till 4.1OSX. i bought logic platinum last june and haven't looked back.
it's not that it's not a great app. on contrary i think that editing anyting; from audio to midi was by far the easeiest on DP. logic has a few clunky interface issues that motu just has got down.
the main issue for me was that their is basically no support. you would go for a year with a major error before an update showed up. it has problems working wiht au and is just not a happy camper even with converter apps like vst2au.
logic is rock stable and gets updates to errors on at least a few months time if not sooner. it works with all au and it runs super tight even on an old 533g4dual like mine.
i went through a hellish time getting things to work, rather than working on music.
i love logic. its what a sequncer should be...


I can't help but think it might be woth persevering with cubase or sonar for a bit, cos then you can get easy support from me or Blue

I've never used DP, but it looks ok, but the above doesn't sound good at all to me.

I dunno.


the best supported s/ware sequencer is Samplitude.

The've gone from vers.4 to 7.3 in the space of about 18months & it ,now, really looks the dogs bollox.

I may look into it for the future since my beloved Logic is no longer supported on the pc Icon_sad & samplitude looks very capable Cubase seems a step too far backwards for my likings.
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The other thing about samplitude, is that you can rent it!

AO, have you seen SX 2.01?

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