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Frank Zappa Appreciation thread

Not dnb but he's the greatest musician who ever lived in my eyes....


Favourites include:

Peaches en Regalia
Muffin Man (riff-tastic!)
Joes Garage (live)
We are not alone

the list goes on and on...

Any of you lot Zappaphiles?


1 - Bobule will love this thread Bobule

2 - You dont have to make excuses for posting non DnB threads here !!

scope Wrote:You dont have to make excuses for posting non DnB threads here !!

no indeed

non-dnb threads are for preference


i fuckin love Frank Zappa!!!

awesome stuff!

cool cool....bobule already gave me a round of applause for mentioning zappa in the "what u listening to" thread Grin

He is the king of music....

Imagine what he could have made as a junglist....

*spaffs self*

What do you lot think about Dweezil auctining off the guitar Hendrix set fire to and gave to Zappa though?

I doubt I'd've been able to give it up...

mmm.... hot rats Homerdrool

zappa is god
my biggest inspiration by far

my fav's have to be apostrophe, anything by the 88 band and you are what you is.. amazing

he had some amazing musicans in his badns too, keneally, thunes, george duke, chad wackerman, tommy mars the list goes on and on and on

what a bastard

yah, big up the Zappa-meister! i just started looking into his material in earnest no more than 4-5 months ago, the man's artistic scope was second to none. my favorite song without a doubt so far has to be the first song on "one size fits all" - the tensions in the vocal line are so colorful yet soooo infectious... aggghh...

where's Moldy?

ag3nt[ Wrote:0rang3]i fuckin love frank zappa!!!

pretty much what i was gonna post... i love frank zappa!!!! Falcon

so fuckin' creative.

one night i had a religious experience tripping on lsd and watching 100 motels Yes Hahaha

bobule Wrote:chad wackerman


scope Wrote:
bobule Wrote:chad wackerman


would you belive he is a drummer!!!!!


Rofl Xyxthumbs @ Bobule

Just re-introduced myself to his stairway to heaven "remix" thanks to soulseek...

God he's great....

*enter dodz...3...2...1*

dodz is probably the biggest zappa fan i know.

p.s. that flyer in sileni's sig is the CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. i want to punch it in the face it's so cute.

yeah i am.

*raises hand*

yep...zappa was/is the best musician ever to me. he just always seems to skip the scales towards my tastes...and dude could compose in ANY style in ANY format....he was a synth master, a serious guit player, arranger, composer, studio technician, whatever...he did it ALL, and with grace and vigor.

*moment of silence for the fallen hero*

oh yah, and i forgot, he's also one of the funniest people of all time.

Definately very very funny... Wounded he was before my time really... woulda loved to have seen him live...

Ed:t Wrote:Just re-introduced myself to his stairway to heaven "remix" thanks to soulseek...

I prefer Rolf Harris's version


its all about the 88 band for me.. i love his cover of sunshie of your love Smile)

man, i love Zappa... i loved it when he was using the Synklavier to do stuff, he said it freed him from having to "wade thru the dogshit onstage" associated with having a band (maybe a swipe at some of the more wankocious of the players?)

...and the stuff of him sitting in front of a Synklavier as you could probably imagine was MENTAL..

Was it Lumpy Gravy that was the studio session albumn? I'm sure I have it on vinyl somwhere...

[Image: russian.gif]

Gotta love the smilies on this board.... your avater pushes the boundries a bit though [Image: icon037.gif]

hot rats is doing it today Falcon
[Image: protabl3.gif]
Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

what about the Mothers stuff then? Smile

I watched a film about Zappa on Sky Arts the other day. It was quite a revelation. I've never liked his rock music. There's too much "theatre" and being "satirical" in it. But I now have real respect for him as a composer. I'd always assumed he was the usual "rock musician trying to do classical" Roll , but no. He was a seriously serious composer.

A couple of short things...

Now going to get into longer stuff with the LSO and Ensemble Modern.

Oh, and he was also a pretty fine guitarist...


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