Why does Stacks keep posting ARSE BISCUITS???

is it something to do with this? -----> [Image: rank10_spammer.gif]
[Image: pezholiodoa.gif]

batfink Wrote:bwabba bwabba bwabba NORK NORK NORK NORK bwabba bwabba bwabba NORK NORK bwabba NORK.

arse biscuits Xyxthumbs

i wonder if it's contagious.. Chin

I cant belive yis dont get it.......

hes doing exactly what it sez on the tin!

blame duffah for he is the true Arse Pest! Teef
Co..Cou...Could you possibly rewind and come again?

b Wrote:blame duffah for he is the true arse pest! Teef




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