Changing sample volume in Kontakt

Bit of a n00b question here, although I'm not really a n00b!:

How do I change the volume of an individual sample in Kontakt? If I drag the height of the bars on the mapping editor, it just stops the sample being played if the MIDI volume is greater than the height of the bar. I just want to be able to turn down the volume of a single sample within a preset.

Is it something to do with groups? I've had a bit of a read up on sample groups but haven't really found a need to group things as yet. I normally just create a new preset instead so it can have a different output.

I suspect it's really obvious so here's an embarrased looking smiley in advance! Oops


In the mapping editor theres a box for volume, above where you drag zones about.
To make it easier to select individual zones use the structure view on the lefthand pane.

cheers, it's blatantly obvious now.

i'd changed the tuning of samples that way before, must have just missed the vol... nothing can stop me now! Xyxthumbs

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