Subversive Renaissance / Amsterdam

I made a quick scan of the the front and back of the cards we made to promote our event, it's based on the Golden Section/Divine proportion,
I will make another scan later this day, our tickets and posters will be ready in about 3 days.

[Image: flyer.png]

I need to give a shout out to Combopeople, the artists responsible for the artworks, i think they did a fine job,

they're mad, they made, pressed and did cut 1500 cards all by hand, every card has been pressed 3 times


cards look ace. but, whats the 'Golden Section/Divine proportion'?

Lets make d+b special for 2009!

It's a mathmatical method that can be used to achieve beauty and balance in the design of art,
Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the great artists who used this method extensively.

Falcon indeed!
[Image: protabl3.gif]
Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

excellent stuff.

Falcon Jig

[Image: banner2_590.jpg]
[Image: swbanner.gif]
[Image: BB_banner3.gif]

glad you like it, [Image: falconslayer.gif]

wait for the posters and tickets they will be based on the same concept
and look [Image: meditate.gif]

keep ya posted,

i have to promote my ass of the month to come, i noticed there is much ignorance about the drums and bass we try to promote

VERY nice design, hope the night goes well! Smile

wicked stuff R man.

Very nice!

i can't wait to show you them posters and tickets,

we have consciously chosen not to use much colors and graphics,
we think that in this day and age, a person is bombarded, almost raped by a legion of visual impressions,

we don't want to conform to that standard, we try to shape an atmosphere of tranquil[Image: meditate.gif]

[Image: icon234.gif]

croms will you attend the renaissance,
another thing how did it go with your exam[Image: icon237.gif]

This is a little preview of the poster that is being developed its near finished,
some last details and colors and it will be ready for print.
[Image: poster.PNG]

ichione Wrote:another thing how did it go with your exam[Image: icon237.gif]

i didn't get through.

Er staat trouwens een spelfout in die flyer, untill is until, maar je kan beter zeggen till. Dus 10:00 till 05:00.

niet door het examen gekomen, burn that school :d
jammer, ik hoop dat je nog steeds aardig voor jezelf bent.

croms thank you for seeing that wrong spelling, i did not see it yesterday,[Image: icon239.gif]
it was just in time, we almost printed it, we will cut one l out of the film and then we will print.[Image: icon237.gif]

thanx mate, you are [Image: mrgreenangel.gif]

I am up for the football that weekend so I shall see yiz there! Grin
Mine's A Guiness!!!

Nice to hear that, which teams will be playing

i for one am very happy that this is coming to amsterdam
i wish u the best of luck and i will be there in force with my mates
i dont go to d+b in amsterdam any more cus its shite .....i stick to redzone and asny where else
plus it will be nice to see another irish d+b dj in amsterdam

peace mick

p.s anyone want a hook up on some first class weed pm me and ill sort it
streetbeats fourm members only

pp.s 5:00 euro per gram (offer subject to availabity)

i'll have some of that green...but sure I will see you at the weekend bro Grin
Mine's A Guiness!!!

[Image: welcome.gif] hello there pressure, join the club

pressure you oirish supplier

ichione Wrote:[Image: welcome.gif] hello there pressure, join the club

ez mate

have we met?
are u the same ricardo i know(ignition) Icon_question

i think i'm another person than the one you are refering to, i always walk around in navy blue, bold with a long ponytail, o yeah, and i smoke a lot[Image: icon237.gif]
check ya pm sun

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