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John Foxx - Metamatic LP

Listened to this album 3 or 4 times over the weekend¦WHAT AN ALBUM!!!!!!! Lovesmilie Grin

Not sure how may of you are familiar with John Foxx, but he was one of the original late 70s / early 80s electronic music pioneers. he started Ultravox where he released 3 albums but left b4 they had some of their biggest hits (Midge ure replaced him), his Metamatic album was his first solo LP released early 1980
It is one of the best albums of 80s electronica, you could call it almost minimal techno
The album had a futuristic feel to it, talking about his dark visions of the future. a lot of the early synths were used on this album, the album is mostly minimal drum machine beats, dark synths and singing about future visions. but (imo) this is one of the original 80s albums

It still sounds remarkably fresh today.. definitely recommended, one of my top albums ever!!!


pre-midge ure ultravox Xyxthumbs

systems of romance Lovesmilie

Badboy producer form back in the day!!!!

A true pioneer of sound.
'There's no such thing as selling out just buying in'

Chuck D

DJ ML Wrote:It still sounds remarkably fresh today.. definitely recommended……one of my top albums ever!!!

I just searched for "Metamatic" and all the posts were by you Smile

i seem to remember not liking it, bit too po-faced for me but maybe i'll give it another try.

i take it you know he's doing it live at the roundhouse in june?

mattrick Wrote:i take it you know he's doing it live at the roundhouse in june?

Yes I have heard about that, havent booked yet (bit of a date clash, but they may have to clash!).............................

Short Circuit 2010 – the Roundhouse’s festival of electronica – includes an evening celebrating the best of British electronic music, headlined and curated by John Foxx.

Following a DJ set by one of the UK's most influential electronic artists, Gary Numan with co-producer Ade Fenton, John Foxx – founder of Ultravox, Britain's first synthesizer rock band – will perform a unique analogue synthesizer show to mark his 30th anniversary as a solo artist. He and a one-off group of special guests will assemble on stage for the first time with the machines used on his 1980 debut solo album, Metamatic – the Moogs, ARPs and drum machines that created the sound of the future – to perform material from Metamatic and a selection of early Ultravox music.

The set will also include new material created in collaboration with Paul Daley from Leftfield, and songs by John Foxx & The Maths – an all-analogue synthesizer project with London-based artist Benge.

Earlier in the day there’ll be a series of events programmed by Foxx, including movies, DJs, VJs, and a Super 8 project he's currently working on with London Orbital author, Iain Sinclair.


mattrick Wrote:i seem to remember not liking it, bit too po-faced for me but maybe i'll give it another try.

try and ignore the vocals and listen to what's going on underneath Xyxthumbs

Underpass has always been one of my favourite ever songs.

John Foxx in Nation 12 Xyxthumbs (I think)

Have started a remix of one of their tunes last year for fun.

Will have to check this out Grin

I feel Foxx fans might like this...

Smiley Bluesmiley

this new one is pretty good...


Xyxthumbs Thanks Jon, yes i have had a listen to the clips.

Metamatic is still his finest work IMO, nearly 40 years ago now!!


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