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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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melvins & lustmord - pigs of the roman empire

Falcon Falcon
The Centrifuge Xmas sampler - free dl from
Repetition/Distract - Not Even in Sleep

Matthew Robert Cooper - Miniatures
Crass- Yes Sir, I Will
jan jelinek - loop finding jazz records Smile
B12 - Last Days Of Silence
Wes Montgomery - Wes' Tune
warbreaker Wrote:crass- yes sir, i will


i'll have to dig christ - the album out again Smile

fantômas - suspended animation

NSI - NSI Plays Non Standards
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Sean's Song
miles davis - prelude (agharta)

Brownswood Bubblers Vol3
These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swallower And Dove
Gorguts- Obscura
atcq - scenario - young nations mix Falcon
Luciano Berio - Piano Music - Andrea Lucchesini
curse of the golden vampire - mass destruction

such a nice earcleaner after the triteness of elbow

[Image: icon234.gif]
been listening to plenty of black metal lately but today back to the old skool 3 hour mix.
MR. LAWRENCE – Dinosaur
headhunter - nomad lp

quality album
Fantômas - Delirium Cordia

an hour long collage entitled:

Like The Surgeon The Composer Slashes Open The Body Of His Fellow Man Removes His Eyes Empties His Abdomen Of Organs Hangs Him On A Hook Holding Up To The Light All Of The Body’s Palpitating Treasures Sending A Burst Of Light Into Its Innermost Depths

plus 20 minutes of run-off noise

this morn' omina - nezeru enti sebauem neterxertet

Falcon Falcon
revelation-first power/synth-it (atmosphere records)
and just before that b12-electrosoma (warp)
scott bradford - mid evil dance Falcon