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Full Version: SC:Digital Soundclash details & entries
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SC:Digital is the free netlabel from Subvert Central:

Soundclash was started in 2007 with the following remit: to encourage more activity in the Beat Ranch by running a periodic 'soundclash' – from which two tracks are selected each time for mastering by SC Mastering and release on SC:Digital.

If you want to put a track forward then just make a post in this thread with the following information:

artist name (if different to forum username)
track name
link to track

SC:Digital aims to promote diversity, so the tracks can be any style that you wish. Smile

Submissions will be accepted at any time.

You can submit as many tracks as you like.

Tracks must be:

- 10 minutes or less in length
- 320k mp3 format

Free filehosting services are fine, but however you have the files hosted it is your responsibiity to ensure that the link stays live and is live for at least one whole month from when you post it, to give us a chance to download all the submissions. Myspace, Soundcloud, etc links are only acceptable if the tunes are available for download as well as streaming.

We look forward to hearing your music!

Soundclash selectors: Euphony, Macc, Statto

Xyxthumbs Wave

Previous soundclash winners listed here
noice sir! Xyxthumbs
Well hi there! Nice idea. Smile All my tracks are encoded with MP3 V0 (highest variable bitrate quality - which is equal quality to 320kbps), I hope that's okay?

Anyway, here's a few pretty new tracks:

Domesticated Mammals
You Must Conform
Third Sequence - Above the Clouds (Greenleaf remix)
downloaded Smile
Is there any closing date?
dunno. I suppose. sometime

Got that already Graham Grin Xyxthumbs

Just downloaded yours Jesse Cool

Any more entries??

It may help if we have a deadline then perhaps? As otherwise we could have this open for ever! Lol
Actually yeh, wasn't going to but I'll pop something over today.

EDIT: Done. Thought it was going to take more effort than that.

EDIT2: Meh, issue with soundcloud, will sort this later Grin
well? Wave
Any movement on this? Bigstick
Not a sausage
Euphony Wrote:Not a sausage

there's only the two of you who've submitted anything Neutral
On 20th May life went into a pretty nasty freefall. I was going to upload something but realised it was going to take some work. Not touched any music from that point and don't know when I'm coming out of the woods. Time is not currently my friend hehe.
is sending old bits that havent seen the light of day acceptable?

sure Smile
Statto Wrote:there's only the two of you who've submitted anything Neutral

I guess that makes it easy to pick the winners then yeah? Teef
greenleaf504 Wrote:
Statto Wrote:there's only the two of you who've submitted anything Neutral

I guess that makes it easy to pick the winners then yeah? Teef

No, it makes it harder Teef
Enough to put a soundcloud link here?

Edit - realised tracks on soundcloud aren't downloadable. If anyone likes one let me know, I'd rather they be streaming only for now. Icon_sad
Is it still alive? Does it make any sence to post tunes?
sure thing Xyxthumbs
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