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Full Version: old skool for da raverz....
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Dinsdale Wrote:Always when I hear this tune I recall myself spending holidays in the seaside in 1997 or smth and rinsing some pirate radio casette (recorded from Don FM probably, which somehow found its way, by being copied and re-copied,to Poland) with this tune on my walkman Grin Anyway, it's really huge track.


Nice selection too Grin
Shhhheeeeeet...I forgot I had this until I just pulled it off the rack

Falcon x 10000000000
^ Yes yes yes Falcon

Statutory jig time Jig


As sampled by DJ Ron Smile

Just pulled this off the rack, I forgot about it for some reason. Proper 91 bizzle... Falcon

And now just got this one on, feckin' wicked tune. Falcon

I'm now in a Holy ghost mood....classic business here Cool

I think this label hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet. Crowd Says Rewind Rmx was on my favourite (and first ever) Don FM tape, which somehow found its way after being copied multiple times to Poland Grin

Yes, we haven't had big city in there yet...I always love this one...fabio time Grin

can't find the original though darn it
Posted this lot in the thread code started about deep oldskool/hardcore, so thought I might as well post them here Grin

Also 92 fabio Falcon

Also posted these beauties.......

and these.............Homerdrool

anyway, I was listening to this which is what prompted me to post again in this thread:

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