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Full Version: old skool for da raverz....
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Euphony Wrote:Probably posted this already as it's one of my all time faves

Love this one, recorded a new mix the other day with this in (and another Criminal Minds favourite - dj spatts - one gun dub)
Will up soon Smile

Hyper-On Experience soundcloud

Statto Wrote:Hyper-On Experience soundcloud


Nice to see they put those tunes up, and great to hear that early demo version Xyxthumbs
Mental B Side tune I just pulled out the racking:

Not sure if this has been posted already:

Moby - Go

Dinsdale Wrote:

Euphony Wrote:Mental B Side tune I just pulled out the racking:


the last 10 seconds


I was brocking out to this at a 15 year old ....Good times!

I pulled this out yesterday again. One of my all time bestest vinyls:

DJ Solo "Darkage"

why did I post part of The Conversation soundtrack in this thread?

A fav track from back in the day: "Rhythm '93" on Bay B Kane's "Guardians of Ruff" EP

Those guys were so awesome.....

^ Yes, I was listening to "Disturbance" from the same EP a few days ago and it still gives me spinechills. Also if you heard their tune, you always knew it was by Hyper On Experience. Very few breakbeat artists from that era could achieve that level of distinction and top production - I could say the same about Acen or Intense.

So, speaking about Intense:
Another late night youtube session and finally found this:
Absolutely wicked track, probably my favourite from whole Basement discography Falcon
Great track from Enforcer's 5 I think:

Doc Scott "Street Knowledge"

Two nice obscure oldskool gems from Friends Lovers and family here:

I can't find any of the tracks from their 'In Search of a Cool Place' EP, some great experimental stuff on there Smile
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