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Full Version: old skool for da raverz....
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for the saturday morning kru......

gimme somethin to dance to
How u feeling this lovely saturday morning people, i'm feeling like dis:

lets have it ravin cru!!!! Smile

(but leave the "=" out of the video codes Wink)
lets do it:

Statto Wrote:Falcon

(but leave the "=" out of the video codes Wink)

Aha! Cheers mate, this one is yours:

For anyone that not feeling good, lets have some of that R.A.W energy
one mo' 4 the happy people

[Image: jump.gif]
bring it back a bit more. 4 da screamaz n da dreamaz

For my dirty hardcore family thats need a clean, grab hoover:

ibiza in da jungle

lers bring back that love people, lets stay positive today, spread the love n energy - u can do it, feel the vibrationz
For any1 thats goin out today, leave the guns and the knoves and da drugs at home:

somebody say naaaaanaaaa!
have a tango

signing off. have a stress free and positive weekend. if it gets too much take deep breaths:

Falcon to all of these...
Man, this is fun! Hahaha

Gonna stop now as I have to go out Wave
Wicked wicked wicked Euphony!

Here's another for da hardcore massive, big up da tape pack masses!

This one is going out to da Euphony:


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