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Full Version: VINYL: 1400+ for sale [DISCOGS], rarities + friendly prices!
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Hey guys, hope you're keeping well.

My DJing adventure came to an end some months ago and so I have been offloading my 3000+ record collection via discogs since then.

More than a half of those are now gone but I still got just over 1400 plates to shift (+circa 100 CD's) and June being a bit quiet I thought I'd give it a bit of a forum push:

Here's the list of what's available, I've got records ranging from 1980s until 2010, mosty of them in mint and near mint condition as confirmed by my 370+ positive feedback score.

Some rare stuff to be found and it's all reasonably priced as well - most of records sit in the cheapest bracket among discogs prices.

Genrewisely it's mostly D'n'B / Jungle and a fair amount of classic (+some leftfield) Hiphop - but there's stuff across all other music styles too.

Shipping costs are as follows:


- First record £3, and £0.75 for each extra record.

(i.e a double EP = £3.75 shipping)

CD's - £1.50 + 0.50 for each extra CD.


- First record £4.00, and £1.50 for each extra record.

(That includes 1.50 extra within each double, triple etc. EP/LP)

CD's - £2.50 + 0.75 for each extra CD


- First record £5.50, and £2 for each extra record. Again, double / triple and more LP = add 2 pounds for each extra records.

CD's - £3.00 + £1 each extra CD.

If you're still buying records by all means have a look, if you need assistance give me a shout either via discogs pm system or email: izm1 [at] and I'll answer immediately.



ps. I'm unlikely to answer forum pm's so if you need to contact me please use the above means.
pps. I'm located in the United Kingdom