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Full Version: For sale: jungle, hip hop, techno, uk funky
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Hey hope it's ok for me to post this here,

Got some things for sale on eBay that you may be interested in:

Deep blue: Thursday, helicopter 97
Drexciya: digital tsunami ep
Sticky: Jumeirah riddim, how very dare you
Los hermanos: resurrection ep by g.Mitchell
Dr octagon: blue flowers 4 track ep it ain't the photek or hype remix
Alex reece: acid lab picture disc contains wax doctor remix
Scan 7: black moon rising 4 track ep on UR

All items start at 99p, please ignore the one shitty feedback I had, I offered a refund and he didn't accept it and that I was trying to rip him off!

All the records are 12" and play perfectly.

Hey one and only bump for this, just 1 day left Smile