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Full Version: Plug DJ/SC room – If you are bored...
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noisemonkey Wrote:nice chin wag and tunes Smile


The Wire Magazine #358 session in progress
The playlist runtime functionality is fucked. No tracks play back to back without you manually having to skip them. Groan.
Yea, it's been awful after redesign of the page.
Working slowly now, in that it still works. Just been playing some more Wire Magazine #358 tunes
I sneak in and play a few tunes while no one's there and then sneak out again

Statto, aka DJ Drongo :P
I don't mean that really; I love the Statto Kisskiss

But if you like, I can be DJ Dibbler
This just finished, it was bleedin' great:

Coppice - Compound Form

"Composed by Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer for prepared pump organ, tape processes, transmitters and acoustic filters. Recorded live on October 26, 2012 at Studio Z, in Minneapolis during the crow with no mouth concert, curated by Jesse Goin."

playing stuff, and things
Three people in da house at the moment Wave
Statto Wrote:Three people in da house at the moment Wave

Ian and DJ Lotus were in there when I was in there last night Hahaha

In there now for a bit
Muttley Wrote:Ian and DJ Lotus were in there when I was in there last night

It seems they're there by default with their tracks on permanent repeat.

Force skip!


But I've lost the power to remove them from the decks.
Just 'disable DJ cycle'
Disabling didn't help. I needed to start playing myself, then lock the DJ booth. Now it seems OK, but there's still many issues with the site after latest update.
so... i'm always there?

[Image: 1338680734.jpg]
currently playing Aqsak Maboul - Un Peu De l'Âme Des Bandits to an unresponsive non-audience of three

[Image: computer_008.gif]
Currently playing through the available clips of music from The Wire 358's Soundcheck. I've read all that already.

(To an unresponsive audience of none) Wink
Whoa this thing still exists?! Icon_eek

Playing some nubian mindzzzzzzzzzzzzz for old times sake.
just finished playing Ummagumma

You're no longer in there Sad2
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