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Playing some old and new tunes right now. Smile
Photek - Modus Operandi
Lexis - Criminal Elements
Klute - Right or Wrong
Voyager - Beatnik
DJ Trax - Define Funk?
DJ Krust - Memories
Chris Energy - Zalongo
Blame - Groove Research
Omni Trio - Thru the Vibe (2 on 1 mix)
Doc Scott - Swarm
Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs (remux)
Foul Play - Neuro Pressure
J Majik - The Spell
Total Science - Network
Retro Spec & Tru Phonik - Rhodes to Nowhere
Adam F - The Bible
Flytronix - Offshore Drift
Digital - Niagra

Nice! Xyxthumbs
Listening to some dub techno atm.
Im gonna go cuddle up with synthia soon but soon enough I'll do another guest dj slot with the software.

(13th November 2018, 23:02)alphawave Wrote: [ -> ]plugged in right now...some stuff thats all over the map, analog, digital, old, new, what have you got to lose/

get in there
(22nd October 2012, 15:39)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]Klute - Tight Black Pants

he has this way with his titles :
My Plug DJ session today was a half dozen minutes long, making a Beehive Muttley Spotify Playlist for the management of the public bar.
I popped in but you'd gone

state side blues
kool session yesterday
(11th December 2018, 02:16)rings around saturn Wrote: [ -> ]kool session yesterday

been doin it again
Focussing on Brexit depresses me. So I'm gonna be meditating with my vinyl machine now, playing Gary & Vera Aspey 1975.

Edit: I'm imagining at least one person has interest in this...I might have even heard this folk music from Statto, or at least The Old Grey Whistle Test repeats.

Im also gonna be meditating with my newly purchased Nils Lofgren vinyl, which I bought for the first of 14 vinyl tracks alone. After falling for that, I was told Lofgren is a session musician too who has played with Springsteen.
Listening to Echospace album 'Liumin'.
Playing some D'n'B.
I'm just going out Wave
subvert crew
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