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Full Version: Plug DJ/SC room – If you are bored...
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Sorry, I was AFK at the moment Oops
Playing some deepness on there now. Smile
widzhit Wrote:Sorry, I was AFK at the moment Oops

AFK? Away From Komputer? Chin
I played :

Kontext - Warm Flow
Kontext - Plumes
East of Oceans - Symbol #6.1
Sorrow feat. Coma & Shura - Your Lips Your Soul (Always)
Earl Grey - Moment of Clarity
Ennui - Karensa Star
interesting...well, it's a cold, rainy Thursday night and I'm bored at work, so what the heck. Smile
MetaLX Wrote:
widzhit Wrote:Sorry, I was AFK at the moment Oops

AFK? Away From Komputer? Chin

another session:

23 Skidoo - The Gospel Comes to New Guinea
>> kd6i: Rip, Rig & Panic - Storm The Reality Asylum
Grandmaster & Melle Mel - White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)
Blame - Music Takes You (BLIM remix)
Cabaret Voltaire - This is Entertainment
Leon Mar - Release the Love
Steve Alexander - Brainwash
Gang of Four - Love Like Anthrax

This thing's pretty boss. Playing some peggy lee Wink

to myself lol
Ian Patterson Wrote:to myself lol

but you do get to watch your avatar dancing at the same time

[Image: icon130.gif]
Hah yeah so can my boss

my big monitors are doing me no favours right now lol

playing some old deep / acid house untill i get bored
I'm in......

That's the main problem - we all get in at different times Smile
me & j-breaks on the plugston ambient sessions
another playlist:

Fripp & Eno - Evening Star
Terry Jennings - For Christine Jennings
Björk - Hyperballad (Brodsky Quartet remix)
Olivier Messiaen - Le Baiser de l'Enfant Jésus
Goldie - I'll Be There For You

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow
Playing around again.

Spacey old(mostly) jungle.

The list so far:

Krust - The Resister
Elsegundo - Slum Final 2
Bill Riley - Future Funk
Flatliner - No Boundaries (Origin Unknow Remix)
Mykra - Operative
Alpha Omega - Chasing Dragons
Immortal Minds - Cosmic Jungle Remix
Breakage - Drowning
Alpha Omega - Decade 303
Playing some breaks/trip-hop style stuff on there right now for the early UK/Late night US folks! Smile
Some good stuff is on at the moment.
very nice!
little techno session:

Dave Angel - Big Tight Flares
Carl Craig - Dreamland
Underground Resistance - Jupiter Jazz
Klute - Tight Black Pants
Suburban Knight - Nocturbulous Behaviour

subvert central 10th anniversary session:

fanu - this behavior is not unique
anonymi - dance of the yakusaru
uzhas - soulkast
>> spacelink - timezone
fada - we become shattered (parallel remix)
>> banaczech - shady lane
fracture & neptune - visions of amen
>> the spirit - open spaces
db1 - plastic clouds
>> gookie - magnetosphere
dissident - taiga
fanu - children

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow

Playing some deep bits as per usual.
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