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lunchtime psychedelic, prog, kraut, and post rock session:

S: Jon Hassell - Charm (Over Burundi Cloud)
S: Can - Bel Air
C: Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Pink Lady Lemonade
S: Tim Buckley - Lorca
C: Terry Riley - In C
S: King Crimson - Starless
W: My Brother The Wind - Fire! Fire!!
C: Sun City Girls - Black Orchid
S: Pink Floyd - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
W: Russian Circles - 309
C: John Hill - Amalthea
W: Link Wray - Rumble
C: Billy Green - Toadstrip (Demdike Stare Double Drop Crash Edit)
S: Faust - Läuft... Heisst Das Es Läuft Oder Es Kommt Bald... Läuft

[Image: meditate.gif]

S: statto
C: cube
W: widzhit
3 DJ-s at the same time in SC room, wow!
[Image: 3Dbiggrininvasion.gif]
Crap. "Nobody's playing anything" Icon_cry
MetaLX Wrote:Crap. "Nobody's playing anything" Icon_cry

playing some ambient & dub techno
The Fall session:

Dr Buck's Letter
Flat of Angles
The Container Drivers
Various Times
Eat Y'Self Fitter
Alton Towers
Music Scene
Put Away

Statto Wrote:
MetaLX Wrote:Crap. "Nobody's playing anything" Icon_cry


Seems I'd have to stay up or get up at 3am to catch anybody Baffled Icon_razz
Once my lappy is fixed, I'll 'ave a go.
currently playing:

Pink Floyd - Animals (the whole LP)

Now on to Dark Side of the Moon

on it
One night I don't log in and room is busy with people playing great music :P
morning speedcore session
back on
minimal session in progress
After work selection Grin

Oak - Firebird
Motel Mari - Just like a king
Piano Overlord - Somewhere South
Olafar Arnalds - Lag Fyrir Ömmu (Live on KEXP)
Jherek Bischoff (with Craig Wedren) - Your ghost
Austin Peralta - Algiers
Sam KDC - Symbol #8.3
Murcof - Rostro
All going as planned i'll be on tomorrow after work with an all wu-tang selection all up in that friday ass.
on now rocking out some electro
Ruff in the jungle bizness.

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