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Full Version: Plug DJ/SC room – If you are bored...
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noisemonkey Wrote:on now rocking out some electro

stickied? Wave
yeah it's a good way of checking some music I've never heard of and seeing who's online Smile
on an old skool tip
Drunkard styles.
Statto Wrote:Wave

Just listened to Chemistry by Jon Hassell Lovesmilie Xyxthumbs
sounds of the Bukem, inside.
romantic songs session Rainbow
It was indeed Xyxthumbs
Smile Pint
Bartok session now on
drum funking it up?
does massive attack count as drumfunk? Chin
where'd you go? Wave
funky session

Hidden Agenda - Big Lamp
Blame - Music Takes You (BLIM remix)
Hidden Agenda - Redress
Danny Breaks - The Bear (Universal Project remix)
>> Ryme Tyme - We Enter (Optical remix)
Hidden Agenda - Dispatch #1
>> K - Blur
Klute - Silent Weapons (Photek remix)
>> Jonny L - Uneasy
Hidden Agenda - 12 Seconds

...and very un-funky Beastie Boys - Check Your Head album
Love that album!
widzhit Wrote:...head to and let's listen some tunes together Smile

I want to write a little introduction to this on the SC Blogspot. Can anyone here tell me how this works, seeing as I don't have Facebook, or a Google account, and anything DJs would like to say about the functionality, ease of use, and community ethos et al?
Well, you can play any YouTube video or Soundcloud track. If there's more than one "dj", you take turns to play your track. You can search for Soundcloud or YouTube tracks from playlist window, also import your (or someone's) playlist/favourites. Listeners and other dj-s can "woot" or "meh" playing tracks, which gives additional points for current dj (to get new character) or forces to skip track, if received too many negative votes.

Little illustrating picture:

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