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Deep Purple Live in concert 1972 - 1973 Copenhagen-NewYork
King Crimson in effect

Early morning electronic music session.

Polar - White Chambers
The Knife - Silent Shout
Björk - My Spine (feat. Evelyn Glennie)
El Guincho - Bombay
Lone - Once In a While (Midland Mix)
Crystal Castles - Untrust Us
Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul
widzhit Wrote:Björk - My Spine (feat. Evelyn Glennie)

I "stole" that one from you Smile
DJ Shadow - All Basses Covered (The Infamous South Beach Set, December 2012)
Certificate 18 session (btb with widzhit)

Hi-Ryze - Polaris
Klute - Silent Weapons (Photek remix)
Motive One - Life
Paradox & DMR - Krystaline
Lexis - Criminal Elements
> Klute - Leo 9
Studio Pressure - Relics (Natural Mystic remix)
> Lexis - Endurance
Mainline - Song 4 Eva
> Polar - Skydiver
Sounds of Life - Release the Bells (Wax Doctor remix)
> Authorised Riddim - Navigators Path
Pilote - Turtle (Bonobo remix)

^ ooh nice!
In... hitting the random button on my music blog and making a playlist of whatever the hell comes up.

Moshic feat. Dj Asi Kojak - Do U C the Sound? (Moshic Remix)
Stavroz - Robot Street Musicians
Dylan & Loxy - Stereotype
Culture - Black Starliner Must Come
Machinedrum - GBYE
Klute - I Minder
Dunkelbunt - Sljivovica (Dunkelbunt Remix)
Kerri Chandler - Oblivion
Jamiroquai - Traveling Without Moving
Anthony Rother - Biomechanik
The Sentinel - Awakening
Skream - Summer Dreams
Jel - Drum & Sample Practice
Mav - Time & Space
Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto - Arabian Pleasure
Eveson - So High
Submerse - Tears
Source Direct - Bliss
Krumble the Discobreaker - Song of the Underground Railroad
Erlend Oye - Poor Leno (Silicon Soul Remix) / Erlend Oye - There is a Light that Never Goes Out (Acapella)
Alex Reese - Basic Principals (Wax Doctor Rollout)
Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness

That successfully killed the afternoon. Fuck this desk, its fridayyyyyyyy
Massive Attack - Protection Vinyl (it keeps skipping)
Danny Breaks session Bluesmiley

Just Chill
Guerilla Tactics
Mars to Jupiter
Astral Vibes
The Bear
The Lost Souls
Incredible Odyssey
Droppin' Science Vol.2
just popped in to play Machine Gun

Going to be doing a Timeless session for a while, starting from around '98 and working back.

Kennedy - Quartz
Q-Project & Spinback - Pleasure Principle
Ils & Solo - Frozen
Spirit - Solar Glide
Future Bound - Blue Mist
Future Bound - Ephemeris
Total Science - Time Step
Total Science - Split Personality
KMC - Polaris
Mouly & Lucida - MJ-12
Mix Race & Proton Iso-Space - Roll With It
The Spirit - Delusions
Mouly & Lucida - Inertia
Mouly & Lucida - Prophecy
Funky Technicians - The Essence
Funky Technicians - Fever
Mouly & Lucida - Spirits
Mouly & Lucida - Chilled
Digital - Sting
Natural Mystic - Illusions
Funky Technicians - The Essence (Total Science Remix)
Natural Mystic - Echoes
Phaze 1 - Natural
S.O.S. - Space Funk
Digital - Touch Me '94 mix
Invisible Man - Skyliner
Invisible Man - Power
Brian Eno ambient session just concluding
I've signed up and am currently playing a BIG selection of tunes.
Arrive early to avoid disappointment. It's cold outside and security won't keep the doors open all afternoon.........
we've been and gone Wave
Oh well, i'll entertain myself


Just found the nifty import feature
Doing a progressive breaks / house session over lunch (EST ;P)

Deep tribaly stuff.

I ate a bunch of chinese buns for breakfast so i'm skipping food... ugh. Doughnuts filled with various dead animal does not a good breakfast make.

Antix - Circada (Hyzer Remix)
Matthew Dekay - If I Could Fly (Madoka's Flying Stand By Mix)
Moshic feat. DJ Asi Kojak - Do U C The Sound? (Moshic Remix)
Marek - Gentle Touch
PQM - You Are Sleeping (PQM Meets Luke Chable Vocal Pass)
Madoka - Dive (Moshic & Zidane Remix)
Sasha - Belfunk
Moshic Feat. Jorden - Heaven (Prog Mix)
Swaytec - Man on the Moon
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