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Full Version: PSA055 : SAT 22/02/20 > 22:00-00:00 GMT > PENRYN SPACE AGENCY > live broadcast
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We'll be getting together in the next few days to finalise the tracklist, if any of you knob twiddlers have got some solid rocket fuel in the pipeline and would like to hear it in the mix, please send via - we are only interested in fully finished and polished gems of joy that are either forthcoming or released in the month.

We listen to over 4000 tracks a month to bring you a mix of our favourite 40 that represent the spacey electronic music of now.

We hope you can  join us on our flights of discovery.

BigLove from Cornwall

nice one Smile

[Image: 14.gif]

OK PSA055 is online -get brainflossing -  look, the button is just there on the bottom left!

Big Yo to Statto

Big X from Cornwall