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Full Version: Mixer pick for an amateur
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I am only starting my more serious adventure with sound creation. I used to do it just for fun with no professional equipment but I love it and I would like to learn more, improve my skills etcetera etcetera. On top of that there is a tinie tiny possibility that I may have few live gigs in August. It is nothing special, it would be among friends, on a camping site but it would be a first for me. First thing I need and want is a decent Mixer. I browsed a bit, read this and that and came up with four possibilities. Could you please help me choose between:
Native Instruments Maschine MK3
Pioneer DDJ-SB3
Denon MC4000
Behringer X-TOUCH
I am the most inclined to get MK3 but is it a good pick?
there aren't many people here any more
this might be a better place to ask...
happy to help. based on the table of choices presented, yr in money. yes there are cheaper options. I'll let you know. my mixer for 17 years is an ecler nuo 3-channel. stayer.

the maschine models are seriously technological. they're meant to be user friendly. based on tracker softwares.

i only use pioneer professional cd players. but honestly gemini cd players technically were so great. mentioning because of build spec. pioneer mixers are similarly pro. 

denon are buff. never had a bad vibe from reviews. I've never had the pleasure of working with one though.

i started with a behringer djx400. the trouble was, behringers build quality is often ridiculed. my mixer broke down within a year.  the ridicule possibly justified. 

i think you can't go wrong with the Pioneer model. i have 17 years hands on experience of their technology. it's not byzantine like Maschine can be. their tracker wrecked me.
to stretch you a wee bit...the difference in pricing is not like groceries industry. in technology the cost is per implement (ability of circuitry) at a reasonable exchange rate. whatever, what i want to alert you is you are wise investing. my first choice cost £100, the Ecler cost £350.00.

three days later, the chaps at dv247 online who developed my parts for my first dedicated music production PC, have said it's no longer being developed :teeth: but, ya should be able to find one secondhand if you look in the right places. Or just go with Pioneer!
Totally up to ye. Xyxthumbs