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Full Version: Dan Guidance - Unspeakable World Ep (Offworld097)
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Dan Guidance - Unspeakable World Ep (Offworld097)

Release date: January 17th 2022 worldwide at all good outlets.


Offworld Recordings is pleased to present another amazing EP by Dan Guidance. This release is an intricate yet energetic collection of music just as suited for the home listener as it is for the dancefloor.
Dan collaborates with Fishy for The Unspeakable World - an exercise in emotion, a tune with keys and arpeggios that draw the listener in from the very start.
Dream On has the perfect balance of nostalgia and forward-thinking sounds dancing off one another to create a true masterpiece.
Direction Of Flow displays a bouncing lead backed with sweet subs and sprightly synths.
Underground Movement is the darkest of the tracks showcasing Dan Guidance's ability to create both heart-warming and heart-wrenching music with driving drums and distorted basslines tempered by deep chords.
This is an EP not to be missed and certainly never to be forgot.

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

Art by Parhelia

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