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Full Version: 24th October 2022
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will be 20 years of Subvert Central


does that seem like a good day to close it down?
Noooooooo! I don't want it many great memories from here even if it's rarely used anymore!
Thats actually brought a tear to my eye but then again I have Covid up to my eyeballs! :virus: :fullofthevirus:
It's still a fixture for me during those crazy years we have been living through so I'd be sad if it were to be gone Icon_sad
thats my birthday.. i had no idea.

I see theres a spiffy new look too.

Hope all are well Wave
hey hey Wave
lovely new coat @statto Kisskiss
just been away for a week and no one has posted anything in the meantime

(18th September 2022, 07:40)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]just been away for a week and no one has posted anything in the meantime


Wish I had more time for music these days and thus post more.
Very much a jhonny-come-lately and not even a dumb 'n' breadhead (That's what DnB stands for, right?)
I'd have a wee sad if it closed but if you're fed up running it I get that.

I'd prefer you don't.

I can't post Music To Annoy Statto then. Its a genre. Really.
Birthday party!

Regardless props to y'all!  Xyxthumbs Cheers Happy Birthday Subvert Central!  Applause Hatsoff Jig
so 20 years it is

[Image: fest30.gif] Birthday [Image: partytime.gif] [Image: party_2.gif] [Image: fest09.gif] [Image: bdaysmile.gif]
Happy birthday Subvert Central!
Btw, where did this handy smileys panel go? Cannot find it anymore in the reply view and using keyboard shortcuts I can only post this Smile, this Xyxthumbs and this Falcon
(24th October 2022, 11:42)Dinsdale Wrote: [ -> ]Btw, where did this handy smileys panel go?

Dunno. I use Statto's Smiley Text File

happy birthday SC! Greatest forum ever.
Happy Birthday jolly ole Forum.
Now you can legally drink or whatever the rules for that are in the UK

I hope it will just jog on in this crazy world it has been a fixture for me still
Happy birthday 🥳
Aww, it'd be a shame.
Happy Birthday SC.
20 years!! doesnt seem that long!
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