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Posted by: Euphony - 25th July 2021, 07:53 - No Replies

Omni Music welcomes the magnificent Marc Renton to the label. This producer from Munich has been busy building his atmospheric sounds over the last few years and has honed his skills to incredible heights. He offers up 3 tracks of sublime and dreamful DnB that are sprinkled with all the ingredients a deep journey into sound needs; Floating breakbeats, serene pads and drifting atmospheres. This is a talent to watch out for in the future as his music gets deeper each and every time.

[Image: a3140969719_10.jpg]

Available now at:

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Posted by: Euphony - 25th July 2021, 07:41 - No Replies

Freebird is back with more infectious beats as he presents 4 tracks of deep speaker shaking beats. Mixing discreet funky grooves with rhythmic splendour, this is mature and thoughtful music that teases you with it's tiny details while still being able to make you effortlessly move. Fishy joins him for the final track, where they create a smooth journey that rolls along majestically to finish off this magnificent EP.

[Image: a2831983928_10.jpg]

Available now at:

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Smile This is fun: 90s Jungle blind test
Posted by: Theeboon - 20th July 2021, 11:49 - Replies (3)

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  Dan Guidance and Fishy - Leaving The Body Ep (Offworld092)
Posted by: LM1 - 19th July 2021, 14:46 - No Replies

Dan Guidance and Fishy - Leaving The Body Ep (Offworld092)

Release date: July 19th 2021 worldwide at all good outlets.

All store links

Hot on the heels of the recently released Mind State Ep, Dan Guidance and Fishy return to Offworld Recordings with another dose of deep and dreamlike drum and bass.  
Leaving The Body startsa the listener off with a lesson in aural astral projection showcasing a rumbling bassline alongside exquisite atmospheres. Next up is Tides, an orchestral endeavor with driving bass amidst celestial vocals and lush pads. 210121 continues the sublime synthwork and racing rhythms while Future Funk closes out the ep in fine style.
This duo has captured lightning in a bottle here with a colossal collection of songs that are cutting edge yet but timeless.

Art by Parhelia

The Offworld Recordings catalogue can be found at all good digital stores
Check our facebook for news, sound clips, and forthcoming titles.

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  Lajwah - Juncture Music on Charivari Radio Detroit 2021.07.13 [Stripped Down]
Posted by: esb - 19th July 2021, 03:01 - Replies (1)

Here is the second instalment I've done for the Charivari Detroit crew as part of our Juncture Music weekly show. Some summery stripped down Techno and House vibes was the MO on this one. Hope you enjoy!

01 - International Anything - Like This Girl - Perlon
02 - Vitesse - Shitake (Donkey Kong Mix) - Maite Records
03 - Janeret & Mirojola - Bridge Of Spirit - Joule Imprint
04 - Arno - Universal Languar - Polyson
05 - Subb-an & Isis Salam - Self Control (Melchior Productions Ltd Remix) - One Records
06 - Mike Shannon, Deadbeat, The Mole & Dewalta - Snowy (Dewalta Remix) - Cynosure
07 - Tijn - It’s Alright - Ubiyu
08 - Ben Vedren - Chiang Sheng - Logistic Records
09 - Ricardo Villalobos - Buffalo Demon Feat. Along - Raum Musik
10 - Ivan Iacabucci - Carry On - Perlon
11 - KiNK - Valentine's Groove - Clone Royal Oak
12 - Soulphiction - Everytime - Perlon
13 - Akufen - Touch It - Onysia
14 - Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt - KIF
15 - Moodymann - Shades Of Jae - Peacefrog

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  Out now: Roo Was Here EP
Posted by: Roo Stercogburn - 14th July 2021, 08:53 - Replies (1)

Just when you thought it was safe to click on stuff..

Roo Was Here And Touched All Your Stuff

EP out now on Bandcamp...

and up on YouTube for the hard of clicking...

I fully expect Statto to recoil so hard he hits the wall behind him and ends up in hospital. Lets all chip in for some grapes and wish him a speedy recovery.

Still all kinds of serious. Cos you'd be disappointed at anything else, right?

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  Propulsion Or Anguish? [thought piece]
Posted by: Muttley - 13th July 2021, 20:49 - No Replies

Propelled Anguish

The minor strain of anguish is a feat that works its way into every piece of music at some point.

From Massive Attack's 1995 masterpiece "Unfinished Sympathy" in trip-hop dilettantism; Whigfield's wishing for commercial rave
depth on "Saturday Night"; or much courteously removed, Hellfish's madness gabber on "Meat Machine Broadcast System".

Anguish moves with the times. Propulsion moves with asking "why?"

It can be wondered, from the propulsion bringing the questioning of the maker, that anguish comes after movement in the throes
of passionate replication of feelings, moods, understandings; some, although nebulous in the extreme...misunderstandings too.

For me, ambient posed the most questions, without the most, recollections. Ambient seems free-flowing, lyrically absent.

For me also, lyric-centric strains of dance floor music peak the most anguish from disappointment with the format.

What format would that be? Strictly based on time signature - 4/4 - ridddles out a bounty of half-baked filler tracks.

Of course, Damo Suzuki and the kosmiche rock 'n' roll of non-poodle rock also deserves investigating.

Momentum, the quintessential "foreword" in going forward, usually gives the live drummer, percussionists and guitarist ballache.

Keyboardism, indeed, propels itself by being patterned to a grid; hence, possibly, instrument choice gives some of the answer.

But synthesis is karma, and virtuousity is just an exercise. Totalism of an instrument is a "diaristic" exercise, but yay or nay?

It leads to the concentric regard to each musician, or non-musician, that emotion creates the forte, or the flop.

Propulsion or anguish? Yet again, it totally depends on how many chips you're willing to sacrifice for humility of your work.

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  Earning a crust, or biting the dust [shortform essay]
Posted by: Muttley - 12th July 2021, 15:40 - No Replies

Earning A Crust Or Biting The Dust

I have many ideas about this, over a decade on from cutting my teeth; consistently, the much-debated regimen of the individual.

The regimen of anybody, to me, tries to earn a crust, or neglects their muse - and bites the dust.

It's totally provoked by how, personally, "21st Century Schizoid" [King Crimson] I feel on a given day.

Not only is dust related to street drugs, built from resins and opioids, "ashes to ashes", as David Bowie croons,
creates the "do or die" directive of the modern musician...little do we know how many ashes affected, or plain cigarette ash, their climes have been. 

Granted, life is more than doom mongering the drug brigade; others would attest, simply, that the
rules of touring, riding with a rider or reduced to a concert a year, has speech performing for it, before the plan sizes itself.

"Backtrack The Brain" by Szely [2007] negates much of my issues with dissociating, incubating; "the man controller, communicate"
and such, basically, because, communicating musically is not like Donald Trump: carriage of a thought separates impressions of
old farts, or brain farts, in Trump's case...saying whatever thought comes into his head.

It must be difficult to see music, good old music, 'ardkore or candyfloss bossed, be negated for parliamentary lamentation.

Indeed there is a lot to be communicated by not just a man - see Arvo Part and "Lamentate CD", or a whole orchestra, to me unable of controlling every penned note on a musical score. 

Crusts of crochets; quavering fans - the illustrative nature of classical music, and classical music, especially, lives on the path of the annotated spreadsheet, turn musical score. Some might gab and gander at the need for 'writing fings down' on the crash of deaf ears, the existence of Ludwig Van Beethoven decades ago.

But to what accord? 

It cannot just be earning a crust? 

For me, music never existed before it diarised itself. 

The Big Bang, in other words. 

In other big bangs, documentaries about the mentally unstable father of Mark Fell, crashing a brick over his boy's
head when he was asleep; in lieu of the miner's strike; and we remember, that strike was diarised fictionally by decent flicks like Billy Elliot (2002) with Judy Garland playing Billy's ballet coach, amidst the breathing baritone of his time-strapped Dad.

Ultimately, size > science > support? We could theorise for hours about this subject; to non-writers it's all we do; to me, the final shorthand point is that any energetic field of study, or composition, replenishes with a nap or more a day.

Earn a crust...or another one bites the dust. 
"Yeeeeeeaaaahhhh" ~ Roland Rat.

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Posted by: Euphony - 11th July 2021, 07:21 - No Replies


Binary returns with 4 more drum-laden quests of atmospherica, showing that he is going from strength to strength with each successive release. True to form, his explosive breakbeats are treated to a banquet of blissful pads and melodics as the tracks soar on high. With a clear influence from the heady days of the mid 90's, this EP is musical, hard-hitting and beautifully produced. Keep watching this space for more from this great continually evolving talent.

[Image: a2742078975_10.jpg]

Available from:

And all other good online stores

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  Them [modern classical] SoundCloud
Posted by: Muttley - 9th July 2021, 16:43 - No Replies

Causes and creators go nowhere without other ventures. 
That, in a nutshell, seems to be the product briefing on this webpage. You will find flexed piano, and doom drone.

And other things. 
As well as the ideology of utopia and dystopia destructed, "Them" references its ideas by the web extension; the very transhuman "musiccreatedyou" banner - which is a terrific idea in itself; the music, succinctly ascribed from, with a definitive Conlon Nancarrow meets Tim Hecker "Dropped Pianos" vibe in general on the newest six tracks. Check it ooot!

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