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  25 Years of Metalheadz - Photek Interview
Posted by: Spectraz - 23rd February 2021, 20:15 - Replies (2)

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Posted by: Euphony - 21st February 2021, 08:53 - No Replies

Omni Music welcomes HProject, hot on the heels of his debut track for the label 'Taiga' that featured on the recent Lucid Dreaming LP. This time he delivers us 4 new tracks that show that he is just as adept at breaking beats into pieces and sounds into hypnotic grooves as well as sprinkling his drums with serene atmospherics. This is a versatile LP that starts with the thundering atmos-amens of Polar, before switching gear to drumfunk and neo-jungle edits that twist and turn as his drumkit seems to ooze out of the speakers. This is a incredible new talent and we are honoured to feature him on Omni Music and we are certain that it won't be the last time.

[Image: a0237036880_10.jpg]

Available now at:


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  [Film] Lee Scratch Perry's Vision of Paradise - 2015 Documentary
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 20th February 2021, 08:41 - Replies (5)

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Posted by: Euphony - 14th February 2021, 09:04 - Replies (1)

Cryogenics returns once more to Omni Music with his 4th LP. Demonstrating his mastery of atmospheric beats, he beautifully leads the listener into mini-worlds of breaks, bass, and sonic soul. This LP shows his versatility as well showing that breakbeat-led atmospheric drum and bass can move your feet as much as your mind. This is a 10 track opus of space-faring sounds, and we avidly wait to hear what Cryogenics rustles up next.

[Image: a3341744233_10.jpg]

Available now from:

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  KOP-Z - Dimensions EP [Inception:Audio - IA024]
Posted by: wiz - 13th February 2021, 22:03 - No Replies

KOP-Z - Dimensions EP [Inception:Audio - IA024]

The first release for lunar year 2021 is a four (4)-track collection courtesy of KOP-Z.
The Dimensions EP moves in and out of deep spacious sounds and construction. There is a rich layered
narrative through out the whole EP for those loved a bit more depth on their art.

The EP opens up with 35mm. There is no question this one sets the mood for the whole release right from the start.
It is confident, moody, and haunting. Lurking bells work their way into your mind leading you to heavy
sparse kicks and low rumbling sub pulses. Cold pads move over the layers and lead to a more melodic exploration
with subtle fills as the song progresses.

Dimensions will have you settled in your star cruiser gazing out of your porthole as you fly across the galaxy.
Crisp pads move in and out of the background behind an hypnotic break and double timed percussion.
An occasional guitar note hanging and echoing creating space light tension.
If you listen close enough you can even hear deep haunting strings and phased mid bass adding another layer to this already sophisticated track.

Mutually Assured Destruction opens up with muted vocals broadcasted over what sounds like a factory intercom
in a hanger and switches up to a distorted stepper break.
Mid bass waves wash over as you move along an assembly line of drone solders being building and revved up for war.
Bomb raid sirens and heavy filtered keys dot the landscape along the way as you get closer and closer to confrontation.

Self Stimulationis like anything really satisfying. It has the slow build ups and pull backs over the coarse of this track and they feel damn good.
They are at times subtle, but within that lives the movement and flow of this moody smoldering work.

[Image: artworks-lg3gydhkqmz01za.jpg]

Kop-Z - Dimensions EP [IA024]

01 / Kop-Z - 35mm
02 / Kop-Z - Dimensions
03 / Kop-Z - Mutually Assured Destruction
04 / Kop-Z - Self Simulatioin

Grab a copy in all digital stores:


Stream here:


Follow to support:

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  [New] Drunk As A Skunk In A Trunk Of Wax
Posted by: Muttley - 6th February 2021, 14:41 - Replies (3)

Signed by J of Subvert Central.

Permission granted to listen to the dub version herr

The Resident Fuhrer

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  Secret Structures - We Step In Shadows Ep (Offworld086) is out now
Posted by: LM1 - 2nd February 2021, 00:53 - No Replies

Secret Structures - We Step In Shadows Ep (Offworld086)

Release date: February 1st 2021 worldwide at all good outlets

The Offworld Bandcamp store
Youtube Music
ITunes UK
Juno download

Offworld Recordings welcomes the artist known as Secret Structures to the roster with his 'We Step In Shadows Ep'. 
Secret Structures may be a new name to some but this man has been behind the scenes for over 20 years perfecting his unique sound of both somber and soulful music under different aliases, spanning several genres.  Most recently sighted on acclaimed releases from Soul Deep Recordings and Soul Flex Digital, Secret Structures makes his debut with Offworld.
Be sure to remember the name because 2021 will see much more from this enigmatic producer.  Future endeavors include further solo releases as well as much anticipated music from the Infostructure project, an ongoing collaboration with fellow Offworld alumni InTake and the wildly talented Forest.

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

The Offworld Recordings catalogue can be found at all good digital stores

Check our facebook for news, sound clips, and forthcoming titles.

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Posted by: Euphony - 31st January 2021, 08:46 - Replies (2)

Omni Music welcomes back the magnificent Greekboy, with yet another soaring collection of atmospheric beats. This EP sounds like it was crafted in a far off galaxy where worlds of wonder await the listener. Fans of Greekboy will be familiar with what to expect, floating pads, crisp breakbeats and emotional melodies that pull you deeper and further into the cosmos. Greekboy is a favourite on Omni Music and we look forward eagerly to his next musical odyssey.

[Image: a3721365894_10.jpg]

Available now from:


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Inspect Metalheadz Stream @ FOLD - 2021-01-29, 18:00 GMT
Posted by: Spectraz - 29th January 2021, 18:03 - Replies (5)

Metalheadz are doing a six hour stream today at 18:00 GMT




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Posted by: Euphony - 29th January 2021, 11:34 - Replies (18)

Omni Music presents the second 12" vinyl of Classics from the extensive back catalogue. This instalment features the incredible Blunt Needles with their epic moody breakbeat monster 'Sneer Off', Abstract Drumz's drumfunk beauty 'Panic', the stunning remix of Eschaton's 'Tao' from the talented Maff, and finishes with label owner Eschaton's drum-laden voyage of 'Time Shift'

[Image: 143973654_4919204531483182_4025169596246...e=6037E813]

We need 100 copies for this to go ahead and it's priced to match 100 backers with no profit made. Anything made over the 100 will be divided equally to the artists involved for their tireless dedication to their music.

Buy your copy and support Omni Music on this link:

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